Is your event or festival in a slump and in need of a change? Not sure where to start? The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) is partnering with the International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA World) to present a unique, professional and educational ‘Make-Over’ consulting opportunity to one special event/festival.
How It Works
A team of two broadly-experienced, festival and event industry-recognized professionals will work with the staff and stakeholders of a selected event/festival, to complete an intense, one-week, on-site review and analysis of that event’s management structure, business and operating plans, programs, procedures, budgets, marketing and sponsorship materials, et al., as time and priorities allow. (Note: Some advance preparations will take place at a distance beforehand to maximize the on-site week.)

At the end of the on-site portion of the project, the consulting team will prepare and present a final report/presentation to the event’s leadership team and HTA. This report/presentation is to include overall impressions, as well as suggested modifications and recommendations for consideration across all fronts, including plans, procedures, programs, materials; et al. as deemed necessary/appropriate/feasible.

Due to time and resource constraints, while this program will not actually produce the suggested changes, enhancements or modifications, support will be offered in identifying best next-steps and cost-effective alternatives for accomplishing the same. For example, revision or creation of specific plans; creation of new event marketing materials; and skill-set training in specific areas, such as sponsorship sales, food and beverage management, or budgeting.

Participation in HTA/IFEA Festivals & Events Workshop Series
Following the ‘Make-Over’ Consulting Project, representatives of the selected event agree to participate, together with members of the IFEA World consulting team, in an educational HTA workshop series on all of the islands, where their own event will be used as the Case Study to help other Hawaii peer events raise the bar for everyone. This workshop series is tentatively set to take place the week of October 12, 2020, with four workshops, on four islands, from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm each day. The workshops will present and cover the before, after, insights, recommendations applicable to all, lessons learned, et al., to attendees. By sharing this direct and local example, the take-away for all attendees should be increased and may likely result in the identification of some common themes, challenges, and opportunities for all Hawaii festivals and events.

There is no cost to the selected event to participate in this unique consulting opportunity, which is being made possible by HTA. There is an expectation of full participation and support of the project, by providing open access to requested information, materials, stakeholder interviews, et al. If you do not/cannot fully cooperate with providing the requested information, materials, interviews, et al., it will be difficult to complete the program effectively. (Note: No proprietary information will be shared in the follow-up workshop portion of the project.)

Selection Criteria
Based upon review of all applications received by the deadline date, HTA and IFEA World will select one event for this targeted ‘Make-Over’ Consulting Project. Applications will be evaluated based upon:
  • Level of benefit to the organization
  • Level of benefit to the community

To Apply
If you are interested in being selected for participation in this special project, please download the application here and return it, via email, no later than February 14, 2020, 4:30 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time, to:

Caroline Anderson
Director of Community Enrichment, Hawaii Tourism Authority
Phone: 808-973-2273

  • January 14: Release of Application
  • February 14: Deadline for Application
  • Week of March 2: Notification of Selection/Non-Selection
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