Call for Applications: The MIT Sloan CIO Innovation Showcase 
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  • Call for Innovation Showcase Applications
  • 2018 Showcase Finalists
  • Call for MIT Sloan CIO Leadership Award Nominations
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Help Shape the Agenda
We have added three new topics to choose from:

  • HumanAI: Using AI to optimize your business
  • Future-proofing the workforce for digital
  • Radical Agency: The individuals and industries that win in the new Gig Economy.

If you haven’t already voted on this year’s proposed topics, do so now! We also welcome your direct feedback, just hit reply
Call for Innovation Showcase Applications
We believe a great Idea can come from anywhere, but it takes a lot of work and commitment to execute and establish a new company. Are you on the lookout for a platform to exhibit your company, share your story, and inspire others? The   I n novation Showcase  at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium is committed to providing that platform.
Every year, the Innovation Showcase highlights 10 outstanding, early stage companies with cutting edge solutions that combine both value and innovation to Enterprise IT. This is a great way for start-ups to establish a market presence, and our finalists have achieved significant success. 
If you think your early stage company is unique , and wants a special opportunity to meet with the world's best, brightest, and most successful technology executives and companies, then apply for this year's Innovation Showcase before March 31.
If you know a company that fits this description , tell them about it and encourage them to apply! 
If you want to find the next innovative technology  that will help your CIO Adventure, then be sure to visit the Innovation Showcase on May 22! 
About the Innovation Showcase  
Company selections are based upon the following criteria: 
  1. Enterprise IT solution with product available in the market
  2. Innovation and/or strategic value, or uniqueness of the solution
  3. Potential impact on the Top and/or Bottom Line
Qualification Criteria:  
  1. Start-up with <$10 million in annual revenues
  2. Selling Enterprise IT solutions to CIOs or corporate departments
The Innovation Showcase Judges consist of MIT faculty and students, entrepreneurs, and early stage investors. 
Applications are free, and due April 1 . Information about the showcase and the online application can be found at the link below. Please contact  with any questions about the application process.
2018 Showcase Finalists
Congratulations to the 2018 Innovation Showcase Finalists!
  • 14bis Supply Tracking - Houston, TX
  • Bigleaf Networks - Beaverton, OR
  • CloudZero - Boston, MA
  • Dover Microsystems - Waltham, MA
  • Indico - Boston, MA
  • Numerify - San Jose, CA
  • Pixm - New York, NY
  • Rescale - San Francisco, CA
  • Silverthread - Cambridge, MA
Call for MIT Sloan CIO Leadership Award Nominations
Will your organization be applying for this year's CIO Leadership Award? Do you have a nominee at another organization, perhaps a customer or partner? If so, it's time to act, the submission deadline is March 1.
Would you like to share the stage with MIT's thought leaders?
Or do you know someone you would like to recommend as a speaker? We would love to hear from you. Click
HERE  to submit your recommendation. You can also join our LinkedIn group, where we will be hosting discussions for each of this year's panels.
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