New Product Global Showcase
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Maine International Trade Center is proud to host the New Product Global
Showcase at Maine International Trade Day. This annual event - with over
300 attendees including Maine business professionals, investors,
government officials, R&D groups, representatives from foreign trade
and consular offices, and media - provides excellent exposure for
entrepreneurial, innovative companies. 

Does your company have a new product or service? If so, enter today!


The New Product Global Showcase is open to all Maine companies and industries. To be eligible, the product  or service:
  • was launched within the past two years (May 2017 - May 2019)
  • must have commercial viability and currently be in the market
  • will be evaluated on international market appeal as well as innovation

This is a juried process, and participation is limited.

Questions? Contact  Tom Conley at 207-553-7708.

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