New Product Global Showcase

Maine International Trade Center is proud to host the New Product Global
Showcase at  Trade Day 2020 on May 14 & 15, where attendees vote for "Best in Show". Previous winners include Cerahelix, Flowfold, Ocean's Balance, and Yale Cordage.

Does your company have a new product or service? If so, enter today!


The New Product Global Showcase is open to all Maine companies and industries. To be eligible, the product  or service:
  • was launched within the past two years (May 2018 - May 2020)
  • must have commercial viability and currently be in the market
  • will be evaluated on international market appeal as well as innovation

This is a juried process, and participation is limited. Benefits of being selected for this year's New Product Global Showcase include social media promotion, professional video footage, an opportunity to make valuable connections, and two complimentary tickets to Trade Day 2020.

Deadline for entries is March 10th.

Questions? Contact George Lindbom ( or 207-517-3514).

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