Soul by Southwest  2020:
Call for Submissions
Dear Friends,

In therapeutic practice, the concept of "rupture and repair" refers to the cycle that makes up most human relationships.

According to Assistant Professor of Counselor Education Maria Spellings, "Rupture happens when we are emotionally out of tune with another person. When we notice this and move back toward attunement, repair occurs. Rupture can't be avoided; it's the gesture toward repair that matters. It's not what we do, but what we do after what's been done."

This strikes us a useful thing to contemplate as we move into the next decade. It also strikes us as a fitting theme for Soul by Southwest 2020.

Now in its seventh year, Soul by Southwest is the literary and visual arts journal of Seminary of the Southwest. We publish poetry, short fiction, essays, photographs, and other works of visual art, and we welcome entries from professionals and amateurs of all ages. 

For the Spring 2020 issue, we seek submissions that engage or illuminate the theme of "rupture and repair" on some level -- the personal, the communal, the global, or the cosmic. Creative interpretations of the theme are welcome.
Submissions will be accepted through Friday, January 31, 2020, and are open to all. Please share with your friends and communities. 
G uidelines can be found here.  

Additional questions?   Email us.
Thank you in advance for helping repair the ruptures in our world through art.
Claire Miller Colombo, Ph.D.
Editor,  Soul by Southwest
Director,  Center for Writing and Creative Expression
Lecturer in Theology and the Arts
Seminary of the Southwest

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