The Us TOO call-in caregiver support group A Forum for Her was established for the women behind the men affected by prostate cancer. Because prostate cancer is a couple's disease, the woman is often subject to her own concerns in addition to those she shares with her partner. A Forum for Her is a regular call series which focuses on women and offers important peer-to-peer support.

Ladies - your role as a caregiver for a man with prostate cancer gives you an understanding and compassion for others who navigate this journey. We hope you have found support in many ways and have developed your own self-care strategies. Out of your experiences, maybe you have seen that others are looking for ways to connect, to be listened to and really heard, understood, validated, and encouraged. 

If you are ready to take a role in making these connections possible, we invite you to give us some information about your situation and possible availability. Our hope at Us TOO is that this year we might grow our options for caregiver support. Would you join our team and volunteer? Let us know!

Thank you for considering making a gift of your time and compassion! To register for any of our A Forum for Her calls, or volunteer to help, email terril@ustoo.org or call 336-842-3578. CLICK HERE for more information on A Forum for Her.

Warmest regards,

Terri Likowski
Us TOO Program Director - Support Group Services


Kathie Houchens
Volunteer Us TOO Prostate Cancer Caregiver Support Group Leader Since 2009