2021 NDEO Mentorship Program for PK-12 Dance Educators

Call for PK-12 Mentors and Mentees for Cohort #4
Deadline Extended - Apply by September 27, 2021
New PK-12 dance educators will be paired with experienced PK-12 dance educator mentors, basing matches on criteria such as similar job attributes, disposition and philosophical outlook, and needs. Geographical distance should not affect the relationship of the pairs, as much of their communication can be via email, phone calls, and Zoom.

We will be matching 25 pairs of Mentors & Mentees for this Cohort #4 in Fall 2021.

To be considered as a Mentee, you must have fewer than 5 years of dance teaching experience in a PK-12 school.

To be considered as a Mentor, you must have more than 5 years of dance teaching experience in a PK-12 school.

Application submission deadline is Mon. September 27, 2021 at 11:59pm EDT.
Must be a current NDEO Member in order to be matched with a mentor or mentee.
My Experience as a Mentor
VLOG - Video Log
My Experience as a Mentee
VLOG - Video Log
General Guidelines
Each mentor/mentee will need to agree the following Guidelines if selected:
  • 2 year commitment
  • maintain a current NDEO membership 
  • review the training powerpoint presentations and webinars
  • set goals and expectations with mentor/mentee
  • communicate with mentor/mentee partner ideally weekly (minimum twice a month)
  • complete and submit monthly log reports
  • report to assigned committee member once a month (both mentor and mentee must report separately to the assigned committee member)
  • utilize Basecamp for communication
  • attend 4 Zoom meetings a year

A mentor or mentee may be removed from the program for not adhering to the above listed guidelines.

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Read more on the background information at ndeo.org/pk12mentorship

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