Call for NDEO Member Testimonials

We want to highlight the good work, ideas, and creativity of members and the ways in which NDEO has helped you and the field of dance education.

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Call for Member Testimonials
  • Why you joined NDEO? How does membership impact you and your students? What NDEO benefits or services have helped you the most?

  • What is your vision for the future of dance education? How do you want to bring about more inclusion and equity in the field, or create a safer, healthier experience for students, or work toward a future that brings about #DanceEducationForAll?

  • Is there a particular dance teacher has impacted your life? What advice and support did they provide? How did they inspire you?

  • What have you accomplished recently in the field of dance or dance education that you are especially proud of?
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Member Testimonial - Tamara Irving
I first learned about NDEO during my 2nd or 3rd year of teaching from my mentor. I joined soon after and began using resources immediately. In 2013, I attended my first NDEO National Conference in Miami, started my first NHSDA Chapter, and participated in my first OPDI class! Inviting my principal to our first NHSDA induction ceremony was a highlight of my teaching career, as my dancers were recognized on par with other National Honor Societies in our school. My first OPDI class was Creative Process for Dance Integration. OPDI was great in helping me to develop a scope and sequence for my program after I had challenges transitioning from the professional dance world to the world of dance education. 
Fast forward to 2020, I am the secretary of the Georgia State Affiliate of NDEO, DEGAS (Dance Educators of GA Society). This leadership role has benefited me greatly. I feel that participation in NDEO and DEGAS helps me to be more reputable in my field as well as learn from others in the organization. As I am in my 11th year of teaching, stepping into leadership positions have felt like natural progressions, but to help build my leadership capacity, I am currently enrolled in the OPDI course, “Developing Strategic Leadership in Dance and Life”.  My career goal is to hold an arts leadership position in the near future. 

I have attended several NDEO conferences since joining, but in 2020 I presented for the first time. This is something that I always wanted to do, but didn’t think I had enough knowledge. I collaborated with other NDEO members by presenting on a panel of K-12 educators, which allowed for a unique shared experience!

NDEO is special to me because it houses many programs and is composed of members who are esteemed in the field of dance education. No one is a stranger, you can reach out to any high level executive members for advice. I don’t regret joining!
Our Members Envision the Future of Dance Education
Featuring the Visions of 10 NDEO Members

How can we use the lessons learned through teaching dance in 2020 to create a brighter, safer, more inclusive, and equitable future for the field of dance education? 

In this blog post, ten NDEO members share their visions for the future of the field of dance education.

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Tamara Irving Photo by Kamryn Stargell

Photo of Lynda Fitzgerald and the Anne Arundel Community College Dance Company 
by Rosemary Malecki.