Call for Nominations!
Board of Directors & Nominating Comittee
CREW San Antonio is seeking nominations for the 2021 Board of Directors.
The Board works together to set and accomplish the chapter’s strategic goals—helping to advance the success of women in commercial real estate. Serving on the CREW San Antonio Board of Directors is a unique opportunity for leadership and networking among other ambitious men and women working in the commercial real estate field. This is your chance to help continue to drive the direction and future of CREW San Antonio!  

Nominations are being sought for the following Board positions:
  • President-Elect (1 Year Term)
  • Director of Sponsorship (2 Year Term)
  • Director of Special Events (2 Year Term)
  • Director of Communications (2 Year Term)
  • Director of Membership (2 Year Term)
Members of the 2020 Board of Directors continuing to serve on the 2021 Board will be:
  • Treasurer (2nd of 2 Year Term): Diane White 
  • Secretary (2nd of 2 Year Term): Natasha Sattler 
  • Director of Charity/Community Outreach (2nd of 2 Year Term): Kristin Savage 
  • Director of Programs (2nd of 2 Year Term): Jennifer Mansour 
  • President (1 Year Term): Dawn Vernon
  • Past President (1 Year Term): Yesenia Marili
To assist you in making nominations, the list of Board responsibilities has been posted to the CREW San Antonio website. To view, go to

Nominations can be submitted via the Constant Contact form through September 25, 2020 (link below). Self-nominations are encouraged!
Nominating Committee - Call for Members
Nominations are now open for the Nominating Committee for the 2021 Board of Directors. Serving on the CREW San Antonio Nominating Committee is a great way to learn more about CREW San Antonio and our leadership opportunities. The Nominating Committee will be responsible for selecting the slate of officers and directors for 2021 to be presented for membership vote.
The Nominating Committee will consist of the President-Elect as committee leader; two (2) active board of director members; and four (4) members-at-large in good standing. The committee will consist of an odd number in the event of multiple nominations for a vacant position which could result in a tie in voting for that position. 
To be eligible to serve as member-at-large on the Nominating Committee, you must be a Full Member in good standing for at least one (1) full year prior to nomination.  
Duties of the President-Elect: Overseen by the President-Elect, this process will include publicizing the criteria for each vacant position and soliciting nominations for each vacancy. The nominating committee will review of qualifications and propose final recommendations to the board of directors.
Duties of the Committee: The Nominating Committee is responsible for soliciting nominations, reviewing qualifications, and selecting the 2021 slate of Board of Directors to be presented to the membership for vote. The President-Elect will provide the list of vacant board positions as well as returning board members. All committee members will be expected to attend all meetings, but it is mandatory that they attend the board slate meeting.
Call for Nominations are open to CREW San Antonio members only and will be conducted via the Constant Contact form through September 25, 2020 (link below).
For questions about the nomination process or committee, contact:

Dawn M. Vernon
2020 President-Elect/Nominating Committee Chair
(210) 288-4069
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Our Mission
CREW San Antonio paves the way, breaking barriers for women to enter and excel as leaders in Commercial Real Estate. We provide unsurpassed connections, innovative resources and education to enhance the real estate community.