Pacifica Synod e-Message
Call for Nominations & Resolutions for the
2019 Pacifica Synod Assembly
The 2019 Pacifica Synod Assembly will be held May 10 and 11, 2019 
at Hope Lutheran Church in Palm Desert.  Information about the assembly may be found on our Synod Assembly webpage.
Nominations for Synod Council and Committees
The  NOMINATING COMMITTEE for the 2019 Pacifica Synod Assembly needs your help in surfacing names of persons able to serve our synod in an elected capacity. Please provide the information requested on this nomination form to Nomination Chair, Pastor Karen Marohn by email at no later than February 27, 2019.

The committee will make contact with the nominee to determine a willingness to serve. To meet the inclusivity requirement of our Synod Constitution (S6.04) we will accept nominees to fill the following positions as shown below. Designations male/female are made in an effort to provide 50/50 balance. We are seeking two nominees for each position.

Three-year terms:
  • Orange County Area Lay (Female)
  • San Diego Area Lay (Male)
  • San Diego Area Lay (Female)
  • Inland Empire Lay (Male)
  • Inland Empire Lay (Female)
  • Hawaii Area Clergy (Any gender)
  • Treasurer (Any gender)
Two-year term:
  • Youth, age 20 years or younger at time of election (Any gender)
One-year term:
  • Inland Empire Clergy (Any gender)
Three-year terms:
  • Three positions (Male or Female; Clergy or Lay)
Six-year terms:
  • Two positions Lay (Male)
  • Two positions Lay (Female)
Six-year terms:
  • One position Clergy (Male)
  • One position Lay (Female)
  • Two positions Lay (Male)
Synod Assembly Resolutions
The deadline for submitting resolutions is FEBRUARY 11, 2019. 

If a resolution comes in after this deadline, it will be submitted to the Pacifica Synod Council Secretary and will be brought to the floor of the assembly and will require a two-thirds vote by the assembly to be considered. 

For detailed information on resolutions, please see this document.

Please submit all resolutions to the Pacifica Synod office by mail 
(1801 Park Court Place, Bldg C, Santa Ana, CA 92701) 
or by email (

For questions about resolutions, 
please contact the Rev. Laura Ziehl at 760.814.5141.