What Scouting Are You Doing This Weekend?
Take a few minutes, call a few people and make a nomination: "Don't be late. Nominate!". 

Our deadline is this coming Tuesday May 21, 5 PM EDT. Shining Waters Council has had no nominations as of Friday May 17, 2 PM. 

Do you want to have your voice heard? Shining Waters Council needs three (3) Council Voting Members to vote at Scouts Canada Annual General Meeting (November 16, 2019 in Ottawa) on a series of governance resolutions, including the election of the Board of Governors.

The three Members will represent our Council at Special Meetings, if one is called during their term. The Members are elected for a one year term (June 21, 2019 to June 20, 2020). One of the three Member positions is reserved for a youth member, but all three Voting Members from our Council may be youth members. The Election By-law defines youth members as those who have attained the age of 14 years by December 31, 2019 and are under the age of 27 years on September 1, 2019. 

This is for eligibility to nominate, to be nominated and to vote; that is, ALL youth and volunteers meeting the above criteria registered and active in Shining Waters Council (even if the youth is 13 at the time of the election).

NOTE: Nominations must be submitted by 5 PM EDT, May 21, 2019 to elections@scouts.ca on the identified Nomination Form. Five (5) Ordinary Members who are registered and active within Shining Waters Council must nominate a candidate in writing so, “DON’T WAIT TO NOMINATE!”. 

If any questions, contact Scouter Bob Martinell, Deputy Elections Officer, Shining Waters Council, bob.martinell@scouts.ca.