Pacifica Synod e-Message
Call for Nominations for the
2020 Pacifica Synod Assembly
The 2020 Pacifica Synod Assembly will be held May 28-30, 2020
at California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks.
Nominations for Synod Council and Committees
The  NOMINATING COMMITTEE for the 2020 Pacifica Synod Assembly needs your help in surfacing names of persons able to serve our synod in an elected capacity. Please provide name, address, email and phone number to Nomination Chair, Pastor Lara Martin: by completing and submitting this form no later than February 28, 2020.

The committee will make contact with the nominee to determine a willingness to serve. To meet the inclusivity requirement of our Synod Constitution (S6.04) we will accept nominees to fill the following positions as shown below. Designations male/female are made in an effort to provide 50/50 balance. We are seeking two nominees for each position.

Three-year terms:
  • Orange County Area (Lay; Female)
  • Inland Empire Area (Clergy; Female)
  • Hawaii Area (Lay; Any Gender)
  • Person of Color or First Language Other than English (Lay; Female)
Four-year terms:
  • Vice President (Lay; Any Gender)
  • Secretary (Lay or Clergy; Any Gender) 

Six-year terms:
  • One position Clergy (Male)
  • One position Lay (Female)
  • Two positions Lay (Male)