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February 22, 2015

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We have so much news to share that we are sending a second newsletter this month.  We also want you to know that we are in the process of refreshing our website to make it more user friendly for our members. The old site with the bulk of information it still live at nkbarockymountain.org, but we have current meeting and other important information posted temporarily at nkbarmc.weebly.com/.



Melody Highman,

VP Communications, NKBA Rocky Mountain Chapter 

Call for Entries!
2015 Peak Awards Design Competition

Early Registration Forms Due March 9th
(binder & payment due April 27th).

Save $10.00 on each entry by registering early. 
Send your early registration form to:
Tanya Otten  (303-800-3724)
Francois & Co  /  attn: Tanya
601 S. Broadway, Suite C.
Denver, CO 80209


Informational Meeting
February 25, 10-11 am
Francois & Co., 601 S. Broadway, Suite C, Denver

 Click here for forms and information!
We would like to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to everybody who volunteered at the NKBA Booth during  2015 Spring Colorado Home Show!

We could not have not done it without you!

Bev Adams
Dave Mathews
Christine Spillar
Barbara Barton
Karen McAvinew
Melissa Steiner
Kris Brumley
Penny Morrow
Andria Uhrig
Trip Butler
Karen Moyer
Donna Wheeler
Leesa Harris
Judy Pufahl
Andrew Williams
Todd Jenkins
Jennifer Russell
Tennille Wood
Mike Luzier
Linda Sue Shirkey
Robin De Ruyter
Sandra Madrid
Beth Simmons
Melody Highman

February Chapter Meeting   
The Geology of Dimensional Stone
This presentation will show the many uses of stone. It also covers the origin (how each type of stone is created) and composition (what minerals make up each type of stone) for the most common types of dimensional stone. We will discuss each type of stone in detail and where it should (or should not) be used and why. The presentation will also address some commonly held myths and misinformation that you may have heard about stone.

Thursday, February 26, 2015
Social Hour  5:30 -6:30   Presentation 6:30 pm
The Stone Collection
4210 Carson St, Denver, CO 80239

 Register Now!  

The March 26th Meeting is at
Blind Corners & Curves.
Click here for more info  and watch
your email for a link to register.

Mark your calendar for all the 2015 Chapter Events!
April 23 - Roth Distributing - Brats & Brews - Designing the Outdoor Kitchen/Karen Moyer in assoc. w/Designs by Sundown 
May 28 - Francois & Co. - Designing to Disguise/John MacKenzie w/Xssentials 
June 25 - Peak Awards Gala - Mile High Station 
July 23 - Mountain High Appliance - Houzz : Technology for Storytelling: How to Reach New Clients and Engage a Global Community 
August 27 - Capco - Vendor Resource Fair  
September 24 - Specialty Appliance - Custom Luxury Kitchen/Karen Moyer 
October 22 - Bell Home Solutions - Hardwood 101 - Tom Ruekert/Palo Duro

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June 25, 2015
Peak Awards Gala

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