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IPR is hosting its 6th annual IPR Bridge Public Relations and Communication Conference, a two-day conference geared toward both public relations practitioners and academics.

The IPR Bridge allows academics to learn from senior-level executives, while having an opportunity to present their research at a peer-reviewed conference. Mid-to-senior-level executives can share their experiences with academics and learn about the latest in public relations and communications research.

A key feature of this conference is the opportunity to network and interact with top leaders in both the practice and the academy in a small setting (max of 125 attendees). The conference includes keynote sessions, ARC Talks, Brain Breaks, panel discussions, research sprints, breakfast, lunches, and breaks with refreshments, and a networking social.

Types of Sessions: 

ARC TALK: An ARC Talk (Action > Research > Conversation) is an interactive presentation featuring high-level research, a brief case study, and discussion. ARC Talks allow communicators to explore how research expands beyond the findings into practical application.

RESEARCH SPRINT: A 20-minute, research-based presentation that highlights the high-level key findings from a research study (as well as appropriate lit review/theory, methodology) and its impact on the profession. Research Sprints empower communicators to apply research findings to their work in meaningful ways.

EXPERT PRESENTATIONS: A TED-style talk format that focuses on a specific and timely area of the industry. Research should be the basis of the expert presentation and include the β€œso what” for attendees at the conference.

PANEL DISCUSSIONS: Panel discussions may feature both practitioners and academics to address the most critically important research and industry-focused topics that matter to the profession. Panel discussions should not include more than three panelists and a moderator.

Submission Instructions:

IPR welcomes submissions that fall into the four conference categories: ARC Talks, Research Sprints, Expert Presentations, and Panel Discussions.

All submissions are due by midnight EST on Nov. 15, 2023.

Submissions must include the following information:

– Type of presentation (ARC Talk, Research Sprint, Expert Presentation, Panel Discussion)

– Presenter and author information (including names, titles, organizational affiliation, and email addresses)

– Presentation title

– A description of the proposed session

– Should be 250 words or less

– Must clearly state and preview the topic and provide three main takeaways that address  the impact to the profession

– You will receive a submission receipt via email.

Conference Rates:

Speaker Rate: Before Feb 1: $395 | After Feb 1: $495

Academic (Non-Speaker) Rate: Before Feb 1: $495 | After Feb 1: $595

Industry (Non-Speaker) Rate: Before Feb 1: $595 | After Feb 1: $695

For additional information or inquiries regarding submissions, please email

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