Call for Presentations Extended
It has been more than 20 years since the social impacts of wildfires have begun to draw significant attention from policymakers and land managers. And the adverse effects on people, biodiversity, landscapes and infrastructure show no signs of abating given current trends in climate change. As a global community of practitioners and scientists interested in human dimensions and safety, we seek to spark discussion, interaction and engaged conversation about whether we are focusing on the right problem framings and consequent solutions to deal with these on-going wildfire challenges. 

In an effort to shake things up, question convention and challenge the status quo, we solicit your help in submitting creative panels, proposals, and papers that dare to think outside the box in how we have been thinking about and framing the wildfire problem. In addition to traditional academic and practitioner presentations, we offer the opportunity to bring forward participatory, interactive and workshop-like ideas to help our community stretch our collective imagination about how we are defining our problems and solutions.  

To accommodate folks out in the field and on fires we have extended the deadline for submissions to September 10, 2018.

We are looking for proposals that will:
  • Question conventional framing and assumptions underlying existing fire management practices
  • Demonstrate more holistic thinking about fire management
  • Unpack how status-quo solutions are not working
  • Highlight different or non-traditional skill sets/ points of view
  • Provide insight on how perspectives from other fields could inform thinking
  • Cultivate a practitioner perspective by encouraging attendance of fire fighter/seasonal staff and local groups/organizations working in wildfire.
We are specifically seeking presentations from under graduate/graduate students for a panel or presentation on “New Emerging Ideas from Students.”
Following is a list of potential presentation topics
Information you will need to submit your proposal
Presentation Title
Contact Information (name, title, affiliation, phone, email)
Type of Presentation
  • Traditional 20-minute presentation
  • Micro-Talk – 10-minute presentation
  • Deeper Dive/Interactive Session – 60-120 minutes – hands on, interactive sessions, round tables, participatory format, brainstorming sessions.
  • Panel Session – 60-120 minutes – multiple presenters on similar topic
  • Poster Presentation
  • Other – please describe
Abstract: 400 words or less, please use as much non-technical language as possible, and that it described the areas that will be specifically address in the presentation. Accepted abstracts will be included in the final program as submitted
Please share your vision of the presentation, the set-up, the timing, the people involved, special needs, etc.
Additional Presenters/Authors: Name, title, affiliation, email
Student Presenter: Yes or No
Presenter Bio (100 words or less)

Presenter Notice: All accepted presenters will be required to register and pay for the conference no later than November 12 th .

A formal Conference Proceeding will be published online after the conference, all authors are encouraged to submit a full paper or extended abstract. Your abstract should be submitted in final form to us, it will not be reviewed or edited. All proceedings manuscripts must be reviewed by two qualified experts prior to submission. No distinction will be made between presentations or posters. All abstracts accepted to the Conference will be published as originally submitted unless the authors submit a revised abstract by the proceedings deadline of January 31, 2019.