-:-:-:- Call for Proposals from Faculty -:-:-:-
Capilano's 2021 Teaching & Learning Symposium
May 4 - 7, 2021

 Conference Theme: Land and Decolonized Place-based Learning 
There are several opportunities for faculty to share and facilitate innovative ideas virtually around scholarly teaching and learning, effective teaching practices and resources, research, and the use of educational technologies within the context of land and decolonized place-based learning.

Let's support each other in sharing our emerging stories of successes and challenges!

Please reach out if you would like to discuss your idea with us before you submit. 
The deadline to submit is Wednesday, March 24, 2021. 

We are looking for creative proposals from faculty in one of the following formats: 
5 min Lightning Talk
Share your ideas as part of a panel based on our themes 
Interactive Workshop 
Virtual, hands on, on the land, combos - 45 min 

Video Gallery  
Video submission of max 10 min

Talking Circle 
Facilitator on specific topics/questions related to themes - 45 min 
Symposium Streams:

Not sure where your idea fits? Pick the closest match or reach out to us to discuss.  
1. Practicing Land-based Education

Learning on and with the land:
_Opportunities across disciplines 
Engaging with Indigenous
_ pedagogies 
Using a decolonial lens   
2. Decolonizing Place-based and Experiential Learning 

Work-integrated learning
Local to global opportunities and
Region and community-engaged
_experiential learning - recognizing _that CapU occupies unceded
_sovereign Indigenous Nations’
_ancestral homelands
3. Decolonizing Learner Engagement 

Creative and innovative
_approaches to supporting
_student learning (eportfolios,
_podcasts, etc.) 
Students as partners and co-
_creators of learning 
Faculty research projects
_advancing our collective
_understanding of student learning
_and engagement 
 4. Strengthening Connections and Community 

Using a decolonial lens to support
_student engagement and well-
_being in connecting with the land 
Building respectful relationships
_and authentic consultations with
_the host Indigenous Nations
_where CapU is a guest
Working in respectful
_collaboration with Indigenous
_organizations and businesses 
Strengthening and supporting our
_relationships collectively – taking
_care of each other as
_faculty in 2021
Visit our website for details and to read more about this year's theme.

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