Make a Pitch for PNSQC 2020
The conference Call for Abstracts is open!

This is your opportunity to share what you’ve been working on, which processes have helped your team, new ideas you’re implementing for the new year, and visions for the future of software quality.
Why You Should Submit a Talk Proposal
PNSQC is different from other conferences.

We want to give you a supportive platform to share views on software quality and to improve the status quo within the industry. To be able to have real conversations with your peers. To question how things have always been done, and share solutions to problems. 

If your proposal is chosen, you’ll get all these opportunities and more.
Update to 2020 Proposal Options
New to the conference lineup this year will be Technical Briefings .

Similar to the standard Technical Papers, you will work with reviewers on a paper and present at the conference, but it will be a shorter paper and presentation.

Check out the details on the Author Resource page .
Get Inspiration for Your Submission
PNSQC kicked off the 2020 conference planning with the January event Lighting the Torch . Seven speakers shared their thoughts on the best ways to create quality software, and where they see the industry heading. 

Rachael Lovallo, a self-described introvert, presented “Communication is Key: Lessons Learned from Testing in Healthcare Technology.”  

Rachael says she would often rather test than interact with coworkers, but that "communication is like a muscle, and the more I try small actions to reach out to my team and build these skills, the better I get at it." 

Check out Rachael’s talk on improving quality by improving communication.
" The two things that get me to go that extra step and pitch a paper to PNSQC: One, sometimes an idea will grab me and hold on so tight it’ll burn a hole in my heart and I can’t hold it in. I have to share it somehow. I have to write a paper or give a talk or pester my colleagues about it. The other reason is, there’s no better way to learn something than to promise you’re going to give a talk about it . "
Erin Dees , 2019 PNSQC poster paper presenter