February 17, 2020

Various Locations 

Various Dates between April and December 2020
Dinner programs for Hygienists (1 hr)

OraPharma is looking for 2 - 3 speakers for these programs.
Must be an RDH still practicing clinically and using Arestin
Prefer speakers in the west and midwest regions of the U.S.
Presentation Topic(s):
 - Periodontal Disease and the use of Arestin
     (OraPharma provides the slide deck for your presentation)

Attendees:  RDH
Group Size: 30-40 people

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If you feel your program could be a good fit, please submit a proposal with the following information:

- Topic / Title of Presentation(s)
- Course Description (1-2 paragraphs)
- Bullet-pointed Objectives
- Speaker Bio
- List of Previous Presentations
- Link to Demo Video (if available)
- Contact Information (email, phone, website)

Please e-mail your proposal to Joy Cooper, at   jcooper@orapharma.com  with "Call for Speaker Proposal" in the subject line. 

Proposals will be accepted through Feb 29, 2020.
You will be contacted by Joy if your program looks like it could be a good fit for their meeting. 

Visit Dental Speakers Bureau CSP Proposal Tips for submission tips and guidelines.

~ Vanessa Emerson
Founder, Dental Speakers Bureau