Volume 6 Issue 6: May 2, 2018

You may think that the current epidemic of drug addiction in the United States is limited to adults...But scientific research has confirmed that addiction is a brain disorder and that immature and developing brains are especially vulnerable to the unhealthy effects of these drugs.

Kendra Parsons is Academic Specialist at New Technology High School in Napa where she teaches Math 1 and a class called La Promesa, a future educator's class.

On a day to celebrate academic passion, the 17th Annual Research Day drew crowds from across the university eager to learn about the research that is being performed by students and faculty at Touro University California.

Alejandro Tamayo lives in central California and works at 3 different clinics in the cities of Avenal, Kettleman City, and Riverdale.

TUC at the Napa-Vallejo Flea Market
17th Annual Research Day
MOBEC In the Community
Touro Tuesday: SGA Highlights & the Student-Run Free Clini c