Gov't Support Needed from BC Hotels
Dear Members,

Our country, province, and communities are experiencing a crisis of insurmountable proportions that nobody could have anticipated. We have stayed in close contact with key partners and stakeholders during this pandemic to communicate the impact and government announcements to the hotel industry. Importantly, we have also shared the industry’s desire to help and support in these times of need.

The provincial government has come to our industry seeking help to provide accommodation for the essential needs of frontline workers in key communities throughout the province.

Our ask:

British Columbia hotels and accommodation properties are being called upon to provide needed accommodation to essential workers who need to be away from home for extended periods of time to respond to COVID-19, to self-isolate, or meet work demands.


We recognize the unprecedented business challenge that COVID-19 has brought for the hospitality industry, and also see this as an opportunity for accommodation providers to continue operations and keep your workers employed. During this crucial time for the health and safety of people in B.C., we encourage you to see yourselves as part of the critical infrastructure our province needs to weather this storm.


The provincial government is asking all properties interested in participating to reach out to us below with the required details. They are prioritizing communities based on size and proximity to hospitals, and therefore, not all communities will be required to participate at this time, but this could well change.

If you are interested and available to help support at this time, please email with the following details:

  • Property Name
  • General Manager
  • City
  • Phone
  • Email
  • How many rooms you have available, including the number of rooms with:
  • Kitchens
  • Refrigerators
  • Restaurant on site or close by for takeout (yes/no)
  • COVID-19 Rate

The team at BCHA is working closely with the provincial government to determine the highest priority needs. Thank you for your continued support of your community, your neighbours, and our essential workers.

My heartfelt thanks,

Ingrid Jarrett
President and CEO
BC Hotel Association
Hearts of Hope from BC Hotels
Credit: canadianpoli/twitter
Hearts of hope have lit up the Vancouver skyline, giving us with the light our province needed for BC to come out this brighter than ever. Thank you to Hotel Vancouver, the Fairmont Pacific Rim, and the Waterfront Fairmont for leading the charge with this thoughtful engagement.

Alongside nightly cheers for our health care workers, tributes from emergency care workers, and iconic buildings sharing their support, these hearts are going a long way to light up an otherwise dark time.

Let’s see how many properties we can get to support this initiative across the province. We encourage all properties to light up in the evenings at 7pm to show their support as we get through this crisis together. Don’t forget to tag us on Twitter (@bchotelassoc) , Facebook (BCHotelAssociation) , and Instagram (bchotelassociation)