March, 2021
Call tor bids, ISBNPA 2022 Annual Meeting
Update ISBNPA XChange 2021

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Call for bids, ISBNPA 2022 Annual Meeting
ISBNPA is working hard to create a "new new normal" in the context of behavioral nutrition and physical activity science.

This "new new normal" (the one we all want to have to replace the "new normal" that was created by the pandemic) has a window of opportunity for the 2022 ISBNPA Annual Meeting.

Hence, we are happy to announce a call for bids from North America for 2022 (other locations may be taken into consideration).

The deadline to present the bid is April 24, 2021. The details on how to prepare the bid are available HERE.

We are looking forward to receiving your proposals.
ISBNPA XChange 2021
Almost 500 abstracts and 30 symposia have been reviewed. (THANK YOU TO ALL REVIEWERS!)

The notifications with the results of the reviews are being prepared and should arrive in your email until April 7.

We are excited about the quality of the submissions. The XChange 2021 is going to be an excellent learning and networking opportunity.

Make sure you register soon!

Student & ECR spotlights

Meet Erika Ikeda, a postdoctoral fellow researching school-based physical activity promotion in children and young people.

Shelby Carr’s PhD research aims to advance physical activity policy and science for people with disability.

Dr. Amanda C. McClain is an Assistant Professor of Nutrition using asset-based approaches to promote nutrition and cardiometabolic health equity.

NESI member feature article
Sanne Veldman recently published a systematic review that aimed to summarize the evidence on the prospective associations between physical activity and health and development in children aged < 5 years. It is available here!

Have you had a chance to look at the new ISBNPA XChange app? Join us at the app platform to discover, network and #dare2share your research with the ISBNPA community. 

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