Dear industry colleagues,

After two very successful 2017 Broadband events, we are kicking off the BASE 2018 series by holding an all new public workshop adjacent to the Broadband Forum annual meeting in Athens, Greece.

Our 2017 events focused on exciting innovation in the Broadband Access infrastructure. Our first 2018 summit adds an extra dimension that collectively, will dramatically impact what Broadband means to the hundreds of millions of subscribers. What’s extra? We are covering virtualized Broadband, cloud services, the managed home, 5G wireless/wireline convergence and the latest in high speed access technology. These will enable providers to deliver a new generation of differentiated services..

The goal is to provide attendees with a whole new perspective on what is being made available for Broadband providers and users alike, delivered by the leaders in the industry, many of whom are active participants in the Forum’s work. The workshop sessions are shown below.

Date: Friday March 23 rd & Saturday March 24 th , 2018
Title:  Crafting the new Broadband for a 5G world

Following is an outline of the workshop, please right-click to view:

We are accepting speaker proposals in all segments - section “Strategic Operator view” just needs operator candidates. The other sections need proposals for presentations from manufacturers - but please be aware that these presentations should not be product pitches. We also welcome proposals for presentations by major EU 5G PPP projects (Phase I and Phase II), which can provide introductory level talks on the topics that they investigate and which should elaborate on how their developments can assist in transforming the fixed and mobile networks, enabling a new breed of services and enhanced user experience.  

The workshops are BBF events and should follow an educational format and avoiding specific ‘product’ information, prices, market position, and so on. Proposals should highlight use cases, technology solutions, technology trends, best practices and contributions in standards development.

Please submit proposals - deadline is Dec 15 th – by contacting Rhonda Heier ( ) with your presentation title, abstract (2-3 sentences), name, title and company (as well as the industry association of R&D consortium that you are representing). 

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Bernd Hesse - Chair, Broadband Access Summit Events (BASE)
Bernd Hesse
Sen.Director Technology Development
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BBF BASE Chairman
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