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MARKET NEWS for this Saturday, October 17

After all our encouragement in last week's Fresh Picks to come out to the Market no matter how crappy the weather, we had an absolutely perfect early fall Saturday. October seemed to be showing off a little, in fact, which was great, though it still owes us for 2009, when it rained on the Market for four consecutive Saturdays. Yes, we know how to hold a grudge.

Being Overly Picky

Because of a few vendor changes, the LFM now has fewer varieties of apples than it once did, though we still have several every week -- at Poniton's, Fruitwood's, and Frecon's stands. There's a good variety for eating straight up, making applesauce, and baking, so we feel like your apple needs should be pretty well met at the Market. However, we know the call of the orchard, and spending a few ours with loved ones picking apples is a pleasure not to be denied. No matter where you go for this -- be it a large commercial operation with hayrides and scarecrows and all the trappings or just the neighbor's tree – you'll probably stagger away from your picking outing with far more apples than you can easily use. It's this tendency that inspired the Smitten Kitchen blogger to write a Facebook post called "All the Apple Recipes," a link that led here. From that list, this sharlotka might be the most demanding of being made soon; it just looks so pretty on the pedestal.

A friend just recommended this French cooking site, Chocolate and Zucchini, which has been around for over 10 years even though the writer seems very young. A search for "apple" there brings up these results, which are a bit off the beaten path from typical American apple recipes. You can also find plugs there for unusual apple varieties, like this one named after a wolf's paw or this one bearing the name tramp, but you will probably have to plan a trip abroad to taste them. So poke around the site because it's full of interesting stuff. But since the French are known for their profligate use of butter, we question the authenticity and wisdom of this butterless apple crumble. Why even go there?

If, after all that, you still have a bowl of apples to dispense with, how about this twist on the everyday: roasted applesauce. Or you could try those apple roses that people keep sharing on Facebook, though they may be a little trickier than that original video lets on.


If you just skipped over that whole last section because when you think "apple" the only acceptable word to follow is "pie" and you have a favorite recipe that you're going to use every time, two things: First, for goodness sake, make that pie for the Sweet Endings Dessert Contest coming up on October 31! Second, perhaps, as a pie lover, you'd be interested to know that chicken potpies are now available at the Market. That is, if you know where to look for them and get there before they're sold out. These stellar examples of one of the truly genius foodstuffs -- wonderful, warming stew! in a crust! -- are being sold by Frecon Farms, but are kept out of sight in a cooler, and so far there's been no sign indicating they have them. They come in two sizes (priced at $6 for individual and $20 for large) and are in high demand, so even though we asked Frecon to bring lots this week, you would be wise to get to the Market early if you want one.

If you miss the potpies, or even if you don't, right next store at MyHouse Cookies Tom always has a good selection of small ($7) and large ($14) quiches in a variety of flavors, both with and without meat. We've tried them all and the butternut squash and caramelized onion gets our vote for best, though having any on hand is enough to make us know a good meal is less than half an hour away.

Bye Bye Buy

Unfortunately (don't you hate when a sentence starts with "unfortunately"? Yeah, we do too. Nevertheless...), because of medical issues that must be attended to, Buy the Dozen Bakery will not be able to participate in the rest of the 2015 season. We're hopeful they can rejoin over the winter. In the meantime, we've asked Frecon Farms to up their bread supply, plus bring more donuts and muffins to help replace those breakfast pretzels so many people had come to love. (And remember that right across the street, the Regency Cafe sells bread from Metropolitan Bakery every Saturday.) This news came to us only after the last Market, or we'd have warned you here last week. We're sad not to see Suzie and her Mom again (for a while anyway), and we wish them the best possible outcome.

Roll Call

On this third of five October Saturdays, the LFM expects to host the following vendors: Weekly: Bonnie's Wondergardens, Frecon Farms, Freeland Market, Fruitwood Farms, MyHouse Cookies, Poniton Farm, The Avenue Deli, Wilson's Curiously Good Foods. Nonweekly: Creative Shepherd Farms, Kia's Cakes, Spotted Hill Farm, Taste of Puebla. Visiting: Nana's Homemade.

Livengood Family Farm has cancelled for the second week in a row. We're not happy about this, but as the farmers market with their lowest sales, we take the hit when they're short-staffed. It's not the spot we'd like to be in, and it's hard to increase our sales as they miss Markets, but it's the way of things. They promise to come next week though, which will be the last opportunity for fresh chickens, and are now accepting orders for Thanksgiving turkeys through their website.

We apologize that both Bonnie's and Green Zebra were listed in last week's newsletter and then weren't at the Market, but Bonnie had a family loss and Mitch plans to just show up on weeks when he has enough produce, but that won't be this week. Mitch says expect him next on October 31. Similarly, we are hoping Taste Artisanal Market would be back this week, but it will depend on whether they can get coverage, so we haven't listed them. We do the best we can to convey an accurate schedule here and hope that you're not overly inconvenienced by any discrepancies.

October 31: Act Now for Later

Applications for the season's last Community Day, on October 31, are due by this Saturday, mailed to the address on the form or dropped off at the Market Manager table. Not sure how we're doing on spaces, but if you've waited too long and have been shut out, you can't blame us; we warned you.

You have two more shopping Saturdays to get the one LFM ingredient required for your entry in the Sweet Endings Dessert Contest. If you're even remotely considering participating in this contest, let this be the gentle nudge you need to get you over the hump: DO IT! It's so much more fun when we have a lot of entries to judge and sell by silent auction, and the food bank gets a better donation from the funds raised. There's no time like the present to start looking for our shopper judge, so if you'd like to do that and are sure to be at the Market on the 31st, send us an email and we'll pick a name and announce it here in 2 weeks (but we'll email you earlier if you're selected).

Also, as the last Saturday of both the month and the regular seasons (but for the bonus Market on November 21), October 31 will be the final collection day for the community food bank. Please remember those less fortunate as you shop in the supermarket between now and then so we can really restock the shelves before we go on break.

Halloween Reclaimed by Kids

It is good to be a youngster in Lansdowne this Halloween! As usual, there will be trick or treating at the Market on October 31. Young and old are invited to don their costumes for shopping, and costumed kids can trick or treat among the LFM vendors, who we encourage to provide a little something. Then, beginning at 1:00, children (accompanied by adults) can parade from the parking lot down to the Twentieth Century Club for a Halloween party with snacks, crafts, games, and prizes until 3:00 pm. Finally, traditional door-to-door trick or treating will begin at dusk all across Lansdowne. (Parents, you will have earned a quiet Sunday.)


Artist of the Week

Betsy Burke of Betsy B's Custom Mobiles was rescheduled from a couple weeks ago because of bad weather. Her charming collection of mobiles, pennant banners, and ornaments is made from Lansdowne-grown shag-bark hickory sticks and hand-cut and -sewn critters, including felt songbirds and butterflies and dragonflies of recycled plastic. Pennant banners, individual birds, and partridge and pear tree sets also will be available.

Musicians of the Week

With their season starting only a few weeks from now, on November 1, the Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra quartet will perform a selection of classical pieces that should provide a beautiful backdrop for Saturday shopping as well as whet your appetite to see their full performances at the Upper Darby Performing Arts Center.


Lansdowne Folk Club presents
Christian Lopez Band
Thursday, October 22, 7:30 pm; $17-$20
Twentieth Century Club
84 S. Lansdowne Avenue

Lansdowne Presbyterian Preschool Academy Fall Festival
Moon bounce, pumpkin painting, bake sale and open house
Saturday, October 24, 10 am-2 pm
Lansdowne and Greenwood Avenues

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