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Advocating for Beverage Alcohol Price Reduction
Since the COVID-19 pandemic came upon us, the hospitality industry has been devasted. Hospitality businesses experienced the negative impact of the COVID-19 outbreak first and will be the last to recover. The journey since the start of the pandemic has been painful and the pain for most is now unbearable. The economic crisis in the foodservice sector will linger long after the pandemic is over. 

There is no doubt food and beverage operations need a life line to be able to endure the panful journey that lies ahead. For the approximately 17,000 food and beverage establishments operating in Ontario, this life line can be found in Beverage Alcohol pricing. A reduction here is tangible, measurable and will float directly to an operator’s bottom line where the need desperately exists.

During these critical times, a reduction to Beverage Alcohol pricing will directly flow to a restaurant’s bottom line and will have a significant impact to the weak profit margins experienced by Ontario’s foodservice operations, which currently represent the lowest in Canada. 

By using the recommendations listed below, we are asking that you write to your local MPP to ask for the reduction of Beverage Alcohol pricing be included in the 2021 Province Budget. A list of Members of Provincial Parliament (MPP's) is available to search for an MPP in your riding. A sample letter has been included for your review should you require further information, content or statistics for your letter.

Ontario should follow the lead of British Columbia and support Ontario’s licensees by reducing beverage alcohol products by 20% as compared to consumer prices. Not only is this a fair and ethical decision but it will greatly support the province’s restaurants in a very tough recovery journey.