Governor's Budget Extends Diversion of
Community Investment Act Funds

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In order to protect critical historic preservation and affordable housing funds, CMSC needs you to call your state legislators today! Ask your legislator to:  
  • Oppose any cuts to CIA dollars in the state budget.
  • Speak with legislative leaders to protect CIA from any further cuts.
Community Investment Act Funds are the source funds for the Preservation of Place (POP) grant program and the award-winning Come Home to Downtown mixed-use technical assistance program. Since 2008, CMSC has awarded $558,000 in POP grants to its members. Overall, the program has reinvested over $152 million in more than 1,400 preservation, affordable housing, open space and working farmland projects in every community across the state.
Over the past two years 50% of the revenue generated by the Community Investment Act (CIA) has been diverted to the General Fund of the budget. This diversion was scheduled to sunset on July 1, 2017, but the Governor's Budget calls for an extension of this diversion to 2019.
Under the CIA, a $40 recording fee is collected on every real-estate transaction. These fees are distributed to support historic preservation, protecting open spaces, preserving farmland and creating affordable housing.

These funds will provide up to $5 million annually to the State Historic Preservation Office to provide support for various grant programs.

How Can I Help?
Call your State Senator and State Representative today
to advocate for Connecticut's historic downtowns and the Community Investment Act!  You can find contact information for you legislator on the General Assembly's website using this ink:  
Please forward this message to your volunteers and partners! It is critical for legislators to hear from as many constituents as possible! 
Important Dates
  • On Friday, February 17th at 4:00 pm, the Appropriations Conservation & Development Subcommittee will be holding a public hearing on the state budget. Please consider testifying at this public hearing against the Governor's proposed cut. If you need guidance on testifying, or on what to say to make an impact, please contact us!
  • Please hold March 8th for Community Investment Act Lobby Day at the State Capitol. More details to follow.