Volume 06 | February 12, 2018
Healthy People | Healthy Trees
Call to Action : Sample Letter to Senators and Congressional Representatives
Thank you for joining us over the past several weeks as we've outlined the benefits of urban trees, the professionals who care for them, and the programs which support their survival.

TreePennsylvania , along with many of our partners, continues to engage in meaningful research, educate our communities, and fund necessary projects related to how urban and community forests are essential resources and a meaningful and wise investment of our financial resources.

Funding from the US Forest Service , as well as our continued partnership with Penn State Extension's Urban Forestry program , allow us to continue this important work.

The current Federal Administration has proposed a significant reduction in the budget for Urban and Community Forestry programs throughout the nation.

We've drafted a sample letter with simple examples of how TreePennsylvania assists communities throughout Pennsylvania and how a reduction in funding would drastically and immediately impact our ability to provide vital services to communities.

Please call or write your Congress member today ( available here )! ´╗┐Let your Congressional Representatives know the importance of continued financial investment in urban and community forests in Pennsylvania.
Penn State University's Extension
Urban Foresters in your communities
Throughout January we've highlighted the five Urban Foresters working in the Penn State University's Extension Urban Forestry program . These foresters provide essential education and meaningful connections throughout the Commonwealth and need your help to secure continued federal funding for this important program!

We developed a list of Congressional districts , separated by county, assisted through the Penn State University's Extension Urban Foresters. Please consider contacting the State Senator and Congressional Representative in your district and let them know about the importance of urban and community forestry in your neighborhood.

Unsure of which district pertains to your community? This map may help!
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