On Thursday, April 13, 2022, CCDF-USA Miami-Dade (CCDF-MD) provided notice to the Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) board members and Superintendent of the content found in the proposed 2022-2023 Human Growth and Development books for middle and high school children which is not age-appropriate for minors. CCDF-MD sent them a letter including evidence of the inappropriate content, a list of the statutes that are being violated, and the legal consequences of violating those statutes. We reiterated this notice via the public hearing section of the regular School Board meeting that day. See video here.
That evening during the regular School Board meeting agenda; MDCPS school board members: Christi Fraga, Steve Gallon III, Lucia Baez-Geller, Dorothy Bendross-Mindigall, and Luisa Santos voted to approve adoption of the textbooks containing the illegal content for middle and high school children.
We encourage you to review snapshots that we have prepared with highlighted areas of concern, along with the corresponding statutes that we believe this content violates. You can access the snapshots and statutes list by clicking here. We also encourage you to review the entirety of the textbooks by going to this website and using the following login credentials:
Username: floridahealth23
Password: review!health23
Some of the content in these books, which are for children from ages 10-18, include:

  • How to seek medical treatment on abortion,
  • Defining biological sex as "a label assigned at birth", while indicating that "biological sex is not the same as a person's gender", and that "gender develops over time".
  • Using self-selected gender pronouns
  • Encouraging and celebrating varying sexual appetites
  •  List of specific options on where to find and consume over-the-counter medications, including Plan B pills as an emergency resort to prevent pregnancy.
  • Promoting "Withdrawal / pulling out" as a contraceptive method that has $0 cost to the children, and that does not require a visit to a doctor.
  • Repeatedly encouraging children to address sex and gender inquiries and issues with “trusted adults” as opposed to their parents.
This explicit information is not approved by the Florida Department of Education for K-12 grades. This content has been selected solely by MDCPS administrators apparently without considering the law, parental rights, teacher concerns, and most importantly, the children's well-being or mental, and emotional health.
According to Florida Statute, YOU, even if you do not have children in public schools, have the right to officially dispute adoption of these textbooks and object to the school board members’ decisions to adopt them.
CCDF-USA Miami-Dade Call to Action!!
Please complete the attached form to petition to object to these instructional materials by following this link. We have 15 days to submit our community's complaint and request the illegal materials be removed.
We look forward to uniting with our community members on this time-sensitive and urgent matter for the welfare of all MDCPS children.
Please keep an eye out for additional information and calls to action related to this matter, including date, time, and location of gatherings in order to show our support for those board members, Maria Tere Rojas, Perla Hantman and Marta Perez, that voted against adoption of these books and in favor of keeping our children safe and innocent.
For inquiries please reply to this email or write us at miami-dadefl@ccdfusa.com
CCDF-USA Miami-Dade