Protect NOW/COMP Waiver Slots!

Last week, Governor Kemp released his budget recommendations for Fiscal Year 2021 (July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021). For the FIRST time since the creation of the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD), the Governor has recommended that ZERO new NOW/COMP waivers be created. This position marks the first time in over a decade that Georgia’s Governor has not attempted to shorten the waiver waitlist (currently over 6,000 people remain on the waitlist) by introducing new waiver slots.

The members of the Senate Appropriations Human Development and Public Health Subcommittee and the House Appropriations Human Resources Subcommittee need to hear from you!

When you reach out, make sure to:
1.      Introduce yourself and let them know if you live in their district
2.      Tell them why you are calling (e.g., I am calling to discuss the lack of NOW/COMP waiver slots in the Governor’s recommended budget)
3.      Tell them why this is important to you (e.g., I am on the waitlist, my family member/friend is waiting for services, etc.)
4.      Tell them what you would like them to do (e.g., I would like you to include the addition of new waiver slots in the budget)
5.      Thank them for their time!

Human Development and Public Health Subcommittee
Subcommittee Chair:   Senator Renee Unterman
Subcommittee Members:

Human Resources Subcommittee
Subcommittee Chair: Representative Katie Dempsey
Subcommittee Members: