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March 2, 2018 - Issue # 26
Call to Action:
Ask for a Law Enforcement Officer in Every School - Not Armed Teachers!
Email Your Representative and Senator Today!


Keep Our Students Safe!

The House and the Senate continue to disagree about which policy should be incorporated in their school safety bills. Both bills, Senate bill 7026 and House bill 7101, contain the School Marshal program which will arm teachers in our schools. Florida PTA believes that the safest day to day school climate is one that is gun-free and that only trained law enforcement officers should be allowed on campus to protect our students.

The Governor's proposed school safety action plan is a comprehensive plan that does NOT include arming teachers on K-12 campuses. Governor Scott has advocated publicly for a School Resource Officer on every school campus at a ratio of 1 School Resource Officer for every 1000 students. He has also stated publicly that he is NOT in favor of arming our teachers or school administrators.

Florida PTA supports Governor Scott's proposal which will place a law enforcement officer on every school campus in Florida and agrees with Governor Scott that we should not be arming teachers.

Please email your Representative and Senator today. Tell them that you support the Governor's proposal and ask them to adopt the Governor's action plan as the common-sense approach to making our schools safer.

Click here to send your message. It only takes 2 minutes!

More info: The Governor's action plan includes having law enforcement officers at every school. It also includes funding for intervention training for school personnel and funding for a threat assessment team at each school along with establishing a "See Something, Say Something" hotline and mobile app. The Governor's plan also includes establishing funding for a dedicated mental health counselor at every school.

Governor Scott's proposal is a more comprehensive plan that addresses the safety needs of our schools without arming our teachers.

Please support and adopt the Governor's school safety plan. 

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