August 31, 2020

Call to Action

As members know, the NLTA has been the only provincial voice speaking up for the health and safety of teachers and the public education system as plans for return to school are being developed. The Association’s message has been consistent that Public Health expectations for teachers in their workplaces cannot be less stringent than the precautions established for the general public and other public sector employees. Your Association needs your help to ensure our political leaders understand that NLTA’s concerns are the concerns of our members. Please find a list of emails of Members of the House of Assemby here

Accordingly, all NLTA members are asked to email the following message to the Premier, the Minister of Education and their local MHA:
I am a member of the NLTA and I fully support the work being done by my Association in advocating for my personal safety as an employee in the public K-12 education system. I am asking you to advise if you are in support of lower Public Health expectations and less stringent health and safety precautions for teachers than are established and required for the rest of the public service? Do you agree that teachers and school administrators should be able to expect at least the same standards and precautionary measures as have been put in place for offices, stores and other places of employment across the province, including the worksites of other public sector employees?
I look forward to your response.
We are also asking that members copy their email to
when sending so we can get an accurate count of how many emails government has received on this issue.
The Association’s advocacy efforts are ongoing and will continue, and we will keep members informed in a timely manner as new developments occur.
Dean Ingram
NLTA President