425 S. Bowen #1, Longmont
[The building just SOUTH of the American Legion, facing Bramwood].
Hours this week M-F 10:00am-1:30pm Tuesday 10:00am-5:00pm 303-443-6606
Please call first in case no one can be there during these hours!
The office will be closed July 25-August 5 for vacation.
Call to Action!
quick reference: Lincoln Event, Candidates, judgeship, office help and more!
Wow! This is going to be a great event!
Support your slate of candidates, support your office where so many meetings take place, or this email tool, project management tools,
the road show reservations and balloons and more!

GOP National Committeeman Randy Corporan is the emcee. Click on the flyer below or see our website at bocogop.org!
If you'd like to add some touches to this event, join us at the BCR hq at 7pm on Tuesday July 19 for a planning meeting.
Our Candidates can only run with your support!

Choose a candidate or two from the list below and help them through this election season. Every bit is truly appreciated and it all goes directly to helping share YOUR principles!

You can also find all our candidates on our webpage, bocogop.org.
The link of their name below will take you to their website. The link on the word donate will take you right to their donation page. They signed up to represent you. Let them know your thoughts, and please support them with some money.
St Board of Ed - Dan Maloit, donate
Sec of State - Pam Anderson, donate
Treasurer - Lang Sias, donate
Atty General - John Kellner, donate
Governor - Heidi Ganahl, donate
US Senate - Joe O'Dea, donate
Tuesday July 19th, 7pm stand up in Louisville as the city council discusses use taxes for Marshall Fire victims. Read about the problem here.

Sign this petition regarding Use taxes as well. Click here.
Join Tara Menza in an Ice Cream Social Campaign Kick Off Party Thursday, July 21 at 6:30pm at Roosevelt Park!

It's hot! You're too tired to weed! Come join Tara for some ice cream instead!
Join the Liberty Road Show as it travels to the Louisville Street Faire July 22nd! The kids know where to find the balloons!
It starts at 5:30 and runs to 9:30. Eric pretty much has set-up down, so just go join him to talk with faire attendees.

Southern Avenue (Blues/funk/soul) is playing this Friday. Click here for their website.
Click here to see the schedule of events through this summer.
As we prep for the election in November, consider volunteering to staff the office. Help voters with their questions. Help candidates with their supporter. Be an active part of Boulder County Republicans! Please contact Twyla at twyla@box85.net to sign up.
So many of you have joined the monthly membership to your
Boulder County Republican Party!
Thank you!!

You are investing in your ideals! Your contributions are used for these emails, the office, caucus materials, elections, the website, candidates themselves, the Liberty Road Show and more!

Please share your ideas too! What's the best way to reach your friends?
By becoming a "member" of BCR you are investing in all of this! Join for at least $15/month and receive a few benefits back directly to you too.
Wednesday August 3, Monthly Morning Meeting is at 7:00am at the BOCOGOP hq 425 S Bowen St #1 in Longmont. Join Mailyn Salabarria, Director of Community Engagement of Parents Defending Education www.defendinged.org
Mailyn works with media relations and public speaking in English and Spanish, and assists with parent advocacy and training in the Western States area. Mailyn was born in Cuba and has lived in the United States since 2001. She
has a Law Degree from Havana University and a MS Mass Communication and
Journalism from Florida International University. She has worked as a professional
interpreter and translator, has been a small business owner and is a graduate from
the Leadership Program of the Rockies. Mailyn is a passionate advocate for parental and individual rights, her motto is freedom versus force, and she is the mom of two children, made in the USA with Cuban parts.
Operation Vamos is active in Boulder County! The team met for the first time on the 17th. If you'd like to join please write to Johnny Barrett at johnny@box85.net.

CO State Director, Anthony Ramirez, is helping us setup and run this program and he will literature and other materials in English/Spanish. With about 14,000 Hispanic (and not Hard Dem) voters in Boulder county, we know their values align with Conservative Republicans.
  • Help make phone calls. It's ok if you only speak English
  • Help walk neighborhoods.
  • sign up to help at https://www.nrsc.org/vamos/ or contact Johnny directly.
Have you been a practicing attorney for at least 5 years?

Apply to be a judge!

In Boulder County, Justice Sierra is retiring. Click here to apply.
“In politics, nothing moves unless pushed.” - Morton Blackwell

Through a series of six 3-hour workshops, the Leadership Institute's Ground-Up Activism Series will cover everything you need to know to build and organize an effective grassroots movement from start-to-finish.

BOCOGOP Chairman Theresa Watson will be hosting these trainings at BCR as well. Just show up during the times below to the BCR office at 425 S Bown St Ste 1 Longmont.

In this activism series, you will learn to:
  • Develop and communicate an effective mission statement
  • Recruit, lead, and retain volunteers
  • Successfully organize local activities and events
  • Build and mobilize coalitions through your activist efforts
  • Expand your outreach with the media
Gather the tools and knowledge you need to get the “red wave” rolling where you live.

Date & Times:
Part 1: Start a Local Movement – Friday, June 24 | 1:00 – 4:00 PM EST
Where: Online
Part 2: Grassroots Activities & Events – Thursday, July 7 | 1:00 – 4:00 PM EST
Where: Online from the BCR Office OR click here to register with the institute
Part 3: Mobilizing Activist Coalitions – Friday, July 22 | 1:00 – 4:00 PM EST
Where: Online & Leadership Institute's Steven P.J. Wood Building | 1101 N Highland St, Arlington VA, 22201 | Lunch provided
Part 4: Fund Your Movement – Thursday, August 4 | 1:00 – 4:00 PM EST
Where: Online
Part 5: Activism in the Media – Friday, August 12 | 1:00 – 4:00 PM EST
Where: Online & Leadership Institute's Steven P.J. Wood Building | 1101 N Highland St, Arlington VA, 22201 | Lunch provided
Part 6: Local Activist Engagement – Thursday, August 25 | 1:00 – 4:00 PM EST
Where: Online
I can't recommend this video enough. It's only just less than 12 minutes and it's about local boards and commissions. These are so important in our every day lives. Kathleen Chandler is holding a class by zoom on July 26th. Click here to register.
Learn about inflation in the chart below, from Issues and Insights.
Kristi Burton Brown's press releases are wins. Here's her latest. Sign up for them at cologop.org.

Greenwood Village, CO. - Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown released the following statement today regarding the news that Governor Polis has appointed AG Phil Weiser, who is ineligible, as interim district attorney for the 12th Judicial District. Current failed, progressive Democrat District Attorney Alonzo Payne was facing an almost certain recall and chose to resign rather than leave his fate to San Luis Valley voters:
"The qualifications are clear for those who want to be a District Attorney in Colorado, sadly Polis has failed to follow the law and instead chose Phil Weiser, who is ineligible to serve as the appointed DA for the 12th Judicial District. The DA of a judicial district must be a 'qualified elector of the judicial district at the time of their election or appointment and reside in the district throughout their term in office.' Weiser does not live in the San Luis Valley, is not a qualified elector of the 12th Judicial District, and presumably will not be able to reside in the district throughout his time in that position. 

"While we know that Weiser is a professor who has never actually tried a case, we would expect that either he or the governor's lawyers would have read the law prior to announcing this ineligible appointment. Citizens in the San Luis Valley have for too long had a DA who is corrupt and incompetent. I believe they deserve a competent DA from the Valley who will fight the Polis-Weiser crime wave, not an ineligible professor from Denver."


- Colorado District Attorney's Council outlines that in order for a District Attorney to be eligible to serve they must "be licensed to practice law in Colorado for five years, a qualified elector of the judicial district at the time of their election or appointment and reside in the district throughout their term in office."

- According to his website, AG Phil Weiser lives in Denver which is in the 2nd Judicial District. 

Click here for a funny one she's calling Cowgate.
Be Bold!
There continues to be a Saturday Rally from 1-2pm at 6th and Main in Longmont on the East side of the street. The signs have gotten raunchy so be aware.
HEAD's UP! Candidates will be walking neighborhoods soon! I'll have any schedules they make listed on this Call to Action as I hear about walks or call nights! Election season is here.
State Level
To find your state legislators, click here and enter your address in the search field on the map.
Regular Government Meetings

Meetings may or may not be held online so click through the links to see before you show up.

Boulder County Commissioners Meeting
Usually Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30am
Click here to confirm and to see if an agenda is available.
1325 Pearl Street

City of Boulder
Usually meets the first and 3rd Tuesday.
Click here for their calendar
Click here for their online agendas (look to the bottom of the page)

City of Lafayette
5:30pm every 1st and 3rd Tuesday each month at City Hall. Click here to find online agendas.
City of Longmont
Tuesdays at 7pm 3-4 weeks per month. Click here to find online agendas and make certain they are meeting. All public invited to be heard this week.

City of Louisville
Generally the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7pm. They meet at 951 Spruce Street in the Library meeting room. Click here for where you may find the agenda each session.

Town of Erie
The Erie Board of Trustees meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 6:30 pm in the Town Hall Board Room located at 645 Holbrook Street. Click here for agendas.

Town of Nederland
The Board of Trustees for Nederland meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. Click here for an agenda when available.

Town of Superior
6:00 pm, Second and Fourth Mondays of each month at 124 E Coal Creek Dr (Superior Town Hall)
Click here for agendas.
Save the Date
Steamboat 14th Annual Freedom Conference and Festival. Beaver Creak August 26-27

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Terri Goon
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