425 S. Bowen #1, Longmont
[The building just SOUTH of the American Legion, facing Bramwood].
Hours this week M-F 10:00am-1:30pm Tuesday 10:00am-5:00pm 303-443-6606
Please call first in case no one can be there during these hours!
Call to Action!
quick reference: New Gun ordnances in Boulder County, Perspectives, PCPs
Continued Disarming of Boulder County People
Longmont meets on Tuesday June 14th and is doing something different. They are having a PREmeeting at 5:30 where they will be talking about potential gun laws - and where you will NOT be allowed to speak. Their regular session starts at 7:00pm where they will have their standard public invited to be heard times.
They added this to that section of their agenda:
Public participation at regular and special City Council meetings is regulated by Rule 5 of City Council Rules of Procedure. Each speaker is limited to three minutes and Council Rules dictate that one person may not give or assign their time to others. The Chair may regulate the time for public participation, may restrict cumulative or redundant presentations, and may require that each speaker’s comments pertain to the subject under discussion.

They do not mention specific laws they want to write, but the PREsession packet includes information from Everytown for Gun Safety and Giffords Law Center. Click here to read.

Republicans do have answers regarding school shootings and it does not include turning thousands of law abiding citizens into criminals. See below in the "Learn" section of this Call to Action.
Tuesday June 14th CO State Chair Brita Horn invites you to a Maggie's list dessert welcome receptions with guest speaker Scott Presler.
Location - Stapleton Holiday Inn at 3333 Quebec St in Denver from 7pm-9pm. RSVP to Brita Horn at 970-819-0815 or brita.horn@gmail.com

Scott Presler is a conservative activist and public speaker empowering Republicans to become a Precinct Committeeman, educating Republicans to increase numbers of Republican Registered Voters, helping to recruit and train conservative candidates to elected office. Scott is a long haired Eagle Scout and dog walker and is known for the Baltimore garbage clean-up during the 2020 election cycle. Scott was the recipient of the Ronald Reagan Award at CPAC 2021. Scott will be training volunteers for the next week and a half across the state. 
Wednesday June 15 at 6pm Perspectives 101
Need inspiration? Scott Presler is a man of action who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and "make things happen". Whether you want to clean up a city, register voters or get your candidate elected, Scott has done it and will share with us what it takes to "get things done". Please share this invitation with family and friends. Special recognition for folks who bring guests, especially guests under 30! Doors open at 5:30 and the presentation begins promptly at 6:00 pm. There is no charge, but a plate will be passed for the church and to help cover costs for the church. RSVP to Perspectives101.info@gmail.com
Scott Presler
A nationally known energetic conservative is visiting Boulder County this Saturday. Join us for a brief reception and training program on Saturday, June 18th.  The program will begin at 10:00 am, but join us for coffee and breakfast snacks at 9:30 am. Following the program, we hope to provide some hands-on training.
Thursday June 16 5:30-7:30pm at Wibby Brewing in Longmont (209 Emery Street).
Tara Menza your candidate for HD11 will be there to talk about her ideas for our failing public education system, the highest fuel prices in US history, CO leading the nation in auto thefts and the massive increase in Fentanyl deaths here in CO.
She wants to hear what you think!
Please drop to share with and to meet Tara Menza!
Boulder County Republicans have been invited to participate in a monthly event at the Boulder Public Library, 3rd Wednesday of every month, 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm in the Boulder Creek Room, by an organization called Living Room Conversations

They connect people across divides - politics, age, gender, race, nationality, and more - through guided conversations proven to build understanding and transform communities. 

Topics on the website range from Mental Health, to Abortion, Cancel Culture: Free Speech and Accountability, to Guns and Responsibility. Perhaps we can bridge some divides and enlighten a few with calm conversation.

The Facilitator is Annie and can be reached at annie@livingroomconversations.org Candidates are welcome, from Boulder and Longmont and CD2, as is anyone interested in participating in a discussion in a relaxed setting. 
June 16th at 4pm at BCR headquarters join the awesome group of poll watchers to prepare to watch this primary election.
Poll Watcher Training
425 S Bowen St Suite 1.
SAVE the DATE! August 20th for the Boulder County GOP Lincoln Event! Stay tuned for details.
How is your money put to use within the Boulder County Republican Party?
These emails, the office, caucus materials, elections, website, candidates themselves, the Liberty Road Show and more! We're always looking for better ways to get the word out so please share your ideas too - but of course these too tend to cost something. By becoming a "member" of BCR you are investing in all of this! Join for at least $15/month and receive a few benefits back directly to you too.
Regarding School Shootings
Below is a series of articles regarding Our Killing Schools.

Before we can fix the problem, we must first identify and understand its deepest causes.
Part 1. Defining the Problem

Part 2: Progressive education and our killing schools

Part3: Nihilism and our Killing Schools

It's great to figure out the deepest causes but what can be done now?

Click here to read about FASTER, a program for teaching Faculty/Administrator Safety Training & Emergency Response (FASTER). This could be done now with cost to the schools.
Click here to read Jon Caldara's column regarding armed school staff. And see below Laura Carno on Fox News talking about FASTER.
June Primary: Boulder County Voters: Have you moved recently or were you impacted by the Marshall Fire*? Ballots will be mailed to active registered Democrats, Republicans, and Unaffiliated voters beginning June 6 for the primary election. Make sure we have your correct mailing address by checking your voter registration https://www.coloradosos.gov/voter/pages/pub/home.xhtml  

Please see our Information for Voters Displaced by the Marshall Fire page for details.  

Ballots for the June 28 Primary are mailed to all eligible voters beginning June 6. Here are the details: Registered Democrats will receive only the Democratic Party ballot. Registered Republicans will receive only the Republican Party ballot. No other parties are holding primaries. See the list of Democratic and Republican ballot candidates

You can vote and return one ballot and ballot must match your current party affiliation. By law, unaffiliated voters will be mailed both major party (Dem and Rep) ballots but can only vote and return one ballot. To receive just one ballot, unaffiliated voters may pre-select a ballot preference in their voter registration.  

June 28 Primary Election Day Ballot drop-off and voting services available 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Ballots must be received by 7 p.m. to be counted. Colorado does not have a registration deadline. You can register to vote up through and including Election Day.
Be Bold!
There continues to be a Saturday Rally from 1-2pm at 6th and Main in Longmont on the East side of the street. The signs have gotten raunchy so be aware.
State Level
To find your state legislators, click here and enter your address in the search field on the map.
Regular Government Meetings

Meetings may or may not be held online so click through the links to see before you show up.

Boulder County Commissioners Meeting
Usually Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30am
Click here to confirm and to see if an agenda is available.
1325 Pearl Street

City of Boulder
Usually meets the first and 3rd Tuesday.
Click here for their calendar
Click here for their online agendas (look to the bottom of the page)

City of Lafayette
5:30pm every 1st and 3rd Tuesday each month at City Hall. Click here to find online agendas.
City of Longmont
Tuesdays at 7pm 3-4 weeks per month. Click here to find online agendas and make certain they are meeting. All public invited to be heard this week.

City of Louisville
Generally the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7pm. They meet at 951 Spruce Street in the Library meeting room. Click here for where you may find the agenda each session.

Town of Erie
The Erie Board of Trustees meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 6:30 pm in the Town Hall Board Room located at 645 Holbrook Street. Click here for agendas.

Town of Nederland
The Board of Trustees for Nederland meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. Click here for an agenda when available.

Town of Superior
6:00 pm, Second and Fourth Mondays of each month at 124 E Coal Creek Dr (Superior Town Hall)
Click here for agendas.
Save the Date
Steamboat 14th Annual Freedom Conference and Festival. Beaver Creak August 26-27

TPUSA is holding a Young Women's Leadership Summit in Dallas June 2-4. The speakers look amazing! Click here for more information or to get tickets.
TPUSA is holding a Student Action Summit in Tampa, FL July 22-24. Click here for more information or to get tickets.
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Terri Goon
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