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Medicaid & Mental Illness: What's at Stake for Law Enforcement
The American Health Care Act caps Medicaid funding, which would jeopardize mental health services.

 C uts to Medicaid will limit states' ability to provide crisis beds and mental health services to people with the most serious conditions.

Police often serve as the first responders to mental health crises and jails are the largest mental health facilities in many communities.

These situations will only get worse if fewer people can get mental health services through Medicaid.

NAMI has developed a new  fact sheet about the role of Medicaid in keeping people with mental illness off the streets and out of jails.

Tell your U.S. Representative this is unacceptable.

Call your Representative NOW at (202) 224-3121, press #2 and enter your zip code.

Can't make the call?

NAMI is nonpartisan. We support policies that help people with mental health conditions and their families.