Thursday, May 27th at 7:30pm

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Temple B'nai Chaim Congregational Meeting
May 27, 2021
7:30pm via Zoom
The TBC Congregational Meeting will take place on Thursday, May 27, 2021. Remember, to join this meeting you will need to register on ZOOM!
At Temple B'nai Chaim, there are two Congregational meetings each year, held in November and May. This is your opportunity to hear what's going on, vote on important issues, ask questions and get to know one another.  

Please come participate in our community! A quorum of member families is required to conduct TBC business. Attendance will be taken on Zoom. 

**Please make every effort to attend and participate in these critical conversations.**
New: To respect everyone's time, and understanding that many of us are Zoomed out, we hope to keep this meeting to no more than 1 1/2 hours. To help us do this we have prepared an Annual Report. It includes all of the TBC committee reports, President's remarks, leadership's vision for TBC's future plus additional information. Please review this report prior to the meeting. Submit any questions you may have to in advance of the meeting. That way we can incorporate responses to those questions in our live remarks. We will take questions at the meeting and look forward to your input. The Annual Report is at the bottom of this email. 


Opening D'var, Cantor Harriet Dunkerley

Business Meeting

  • Approve minutes of November Semi-annual Congregational Meeting
  • President's Report, June Mara
  • Treasurer's Report, Deb Case, Rudy Escalante 
  • Year to date report 
  • Discussion and Vote on Proposed Budget
  • Cantor's Report, Cantor Harriet Dunkerley
  • Vote on Proposed Slate for Board of Trustees July 1 2021-June 30, 2023
  • Vision for the Future

Two individuals on the Executive Committee are stepping down before their term ends. We are in the final stages of identifying individuals to fill those roles. Once we have confirmation, we will communicate that information to the congregation.

We also have two Trustees-at-Large positions to fill and will provide names of the two nominees shortly.

As the meeting will be conducted on Zoom - there will be 2 ways to ask questions: 

  1. Submit questions to in advance. 
  2. Use the chat function during the meeting and we will address them within allotted discussions.

To submit your vote at the appropriate times:

  1. An electronic poll will open displaying the choices available 
  2. Each family has 1 vote - you will be able to make your choice and then submit. Once the vote is entered, the system will not allow you to change it or submit a second vote. 
  3. Voting will remain open throughout the call and will also remain open via email to for 15 days for us to conduct official TBC business (per the bylaws)
Click on the image of the Annual Report to access the document.
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