Stated Presbytery Gathering - Thursday, August 25

3 pm Pre-Sessions | 4 pm Worship

Hybrid Hosted by New Hope Presbyterian Church

1580 Kisker Rd, St Peters, MO 63304

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Featured Education Hour

Rev. Katy Steinberg

Rev. Steinberg studied alongside brilliant minds in the business school at the University of Florida and with the wonderful professors and students at Columbia Theological Seminary and where I ultimately the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary. 

What if there was a whole other way to do church? One that is authentic to real-life experiences in the world. One that emphasizes the places and activities where people are already experiencing the Divine. What if the teachings of Jesus were applicable in today's real lived life? Missing Peace has spent the last five years exploring just that. Pink Haired Mermaid Baby Jesus is their story. (Book Available for Purchase Here)

Author of 

Pink Haired Mermaid 

Baby Jesus


Earth Care Work Group

Climate Crisis and Faith Response

Evidence of the current climate crisis before us becomes more convincing as the days go on. The crisis is no longer something coming. It is very much with us now! It is mostly human-caused and therefore can be resolved by all of us together. The session will review the crisis but spend most of the time on what we as people of faith can do to address the crisis in our personal lives, our work lives, our community lives, and most importantly, in our congregations. 

The Reverends Carleton and Ellie Stock from the Earth Care Working Group of the Public Witness Team of presbytery will facilitate the 45-minute hybrid discussion/workshop at 3 pm.

Presbytery History Work Group

History Stewardship

In addition to maintaining records of the early history of area Presbyterians as found in a published book, and the history of the Presbytery of Giddings-Lovejoy, the History Work Group also maintains a file on current and past churches in the Presbytery. Significant anniversaries are celebrated with a framed proclamation, and flowers or an outdoor planting. When a church closes, we meet with congregational representatives and advise what materials should be sent to the Presbyterian Historical Society or to local historical societies and appraise valuable artifacts. 

Teams, Please Submit Papers for Presbytery by August 15


If you have questions please let us know, in reply to this email, or by calling

314-772-2395. We look forward to seeing you on August 25th.

The Presbytery of Giddings-Lovejoy:

Lives to steward a future of God's possibility.

                      Elder Joyce Wilks-Love, Moderator - Rev. Mel Smith, Vice-Moderator  

Rev. Ryan Landino, Presbytery Leader           

Rev. Elizabeth Kanerva, Associate Presbytery Leader - Rev. Joy Myers, Stated Clerk