Prayer for Today...
Gracious and loving God, thank you for staying close to us in all that we have experienced in recent times. As your holy people, we ask you to strengthen us with wisdom and understanding as we look forward to the new opportunities you will share with us. Encourage us to offer rich hospitality: to recognize the individual, welcome the stranger and offer a community of love to all. Amen.

Inspire us with a fresh vision of how we can invite others into that place of encounter with you, offering welcome, forgiveness, grace and joy. Thank you for the promise of a place where each of us belongs and where you dwell among us. Amen.
Spirit of Gentleness
Prayer Through the Ages...

Defend us, O Lord, with your heavenly grace, that we may continue yours for ever and daily increase in your Holy Spirit more and more, until we come to your everlasting kingdom; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Book of Common Prayer (1552)
Today We Pray...
Gracious God, in a world where corruption, deceit, suspicion and ‘fake news’ regularly fill the headlines, we are full of gratitude for the gospel of Christ, which brings light, hope, truth and ‘good news’ into our lives.

May the confidence that we have new life in Christ make a difference to how we respond to the people and circumstances we encounter, so that our words and actions become ‘good news’ for others.

In the name of Christ we pray for:

  • For the families of all those who have died and all those who are ill. Remember all your family, the entire human race, and all your creation, in your love.
  • That you will be with those suffering from anxiety, depression and loneliness.
  • Heal our world, heal our bodies, strengthen our hearts and our minds, and in the midst of turmoil, give us hope and peace. 
  • For Peter Datino, Martha’s husband, recuperating from heart surgery in Florida,
  • The Rev. David Houston, a retired United Methodist pastor who served churches in the NY annual conference and is hospitalized in Poughkeepsie with complications from diabetes;
  • The family of Dr. Bob LaCamera, a noted New Haven pediatrician, clinical professor at Yale-New Haven Hospital, and devoted United Methodist layperson who passed away at the age of 95;
  • for all who have died from Covid 19 in this country and around the world; for those fighting the Coronavirus on the frontlines as caregivers;
  • for the protection of the vulnerable: the elderly, the poor, and those with health issues;
  • for the continuing gun violence that has taken the lives of so many Americans;

Spirit of God, come as the wind to move us forward; come as the dove to launch us heavenward; come as the fire to purge our dross. Amen.
Support VUMC...
God of the Universe, thank you that every good and perfect gift comes from you, the Father of lights. Your word says that those who seek the Lord lack no good thing. Please bless your church financially that your work may continue in this world. Inspire your people to give generously to support the ministry of VUMC.
Thank You!