Thoughts On Today's Verse
"Hang in there!" There are few traits more important than perseverance. Most important accomplishments in life happen because of perseverance. Most "luck" occurs when we've persevered long enough for the "magical moment" to come along — in other words, I don't believe in luck.

Edison said it best: life's greatest feats, the world's greatest discoveries, his own most fantastic inventions are "1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." "Hang in there!" and see the glory of God come through in you, not because of luck, but because of God's grace, love, and Providence!

The Thoughts on Today's Verse are written by Phil Ware.
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Nursery School Activities
At the nursery school, the children are enjoying exploring their senses with shaving cream! Can you write your name in shaving cream?

They loved writing letters and drawing shapes! This activity also reminded us of fluffy snow in Winter!
Music Videos
Ode to Joy to the World
Like a River Glorious
Today's Prayer & Prayer Requests
Prayer through the Ages
Today, O God, let us know your power to make us strong,
your counsel to make us wise, your grace to make us holy
and your glory to bring us into your presence. Amen. 

Martin Luther (1483-1546)

Prayer of the Day
Lord, help reset our hearts and mind. We often have a “why me” mentality and fall into complaining when trials arise. Help us to consider it pure joy whenever we face any type of trial because we know that through it you will grow our faith as long as we lean into you and don't give up. And so we pray in Jesus' name...

Thank you that you have set us free and that you are bigger than anything we face in this life. We lay our burdens before you, every single one, for we know they’re much safer in your hands than our own.

We pray for our nation and our leaders who lead us day by day and for those taking up new positions in our government. Help them to work together towards the good of the nation as we strive to overcome the effects of the pandemic, ailing economy and a divided population.

Oh Lord, sometimes our insides feel like a battle zone, where missiles are falling too close to home. Other times we're caught in an endless storm, with thoughts flying out of control. Confusion reigns and defeat creeps in to steal our joy. Calm our anxious spirits, Lord; help us to rid ourselves of all the attacking "if-only's" and "what-ifs" that fill us with needless worry.

For our friends working the Covid19 front lines: Alayne Snyder, Drs. Johnny and Riny Kovoor. and Erik Lindholm. Help all hospital workers as they deal with overwhelming numbers of patients and give them strength to carry on when all seems hopeless and they are weary.

For those sick with Covid19. God, heal and sustain their bodies and spirits. We pray for those who are in pain, suffering from illness either physical or mental, both at home and in hospital, or hospice.

We pray for those who are experiencing the consequences of death, the bereaved and those who are mourning the loss of loved ones, whether recently or some time ago.

God, protect our vulnerable populations and our elderly and those suffering from chronic disease; provide for the poor, especially the uninsured.

We pray for our families, for every relationship most dear to us, that you would guard our time, and our lives together. 

For our friends, family and colleagues where ever they may be throughout the country and world.

We pray for those who are crying; the sad, the depressed and the anxious. We hope in the promise that God will wipe every tear from our eyes.

Unchangeable and Unshakeable God, give our faith courage and endurance so that our lives show forth your enduring strength. We pray in the name of he who remained faithful even unto death, Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.
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