The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands. 

Psalm 19:1
Thoughts on Today's Verse
God's voice is always speaking. His witnesses give testimony to his glory, majesty, and creative grace. The universe shouts with joy that behind its intricate beauty and paralyzing powers is the One who gave it life, purpose, and intention.

My Prayer...
O Great God, Creator of the countless heavens and our own small blue planet, thank you for noticing the heart cries of one so small in a universe so large. I love you, admire you, trust you, and worship you with wonder. Be exalted in my life, my words, and my deeds this day. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

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The Prayer
Donnie McClurkin & Yolanda Adams
Again I Say Rejoice
Israel and New Breed
From the Upper Room
I experience a special joy any time I pull an envelope out of my mailbox and see the handwriting of a dear friend or family member. I don’t need to look at the return address to know who wrote the letter; I recognize the author by the handwriting. My college friend’s handwriting is round and enthusiastic. My childhood friend’s handwriting is bold and flowery. My mother has the practiced handwriting of a teacher. Their written words are concrete reflections of themselves. Because I know them so well, I can recognize their handwriting anywhere. God’s creation and work in our lives also bear an unmistakable mark. The strokes of God’s hand reflect who God is. David affirms this in today’s reading and quoted scripture. In Romans, Paul notes: “Since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities — his eternal power and divine nature — have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made” (Rom. 1:20). God’s signature is clear to all who look for it. My friends’ handwriting is familiar to me because I know them so well. And the better we come to know God through scripture, prayer, and daily meditation, the more we can recognize God’s handiwork in the world and in our lives.

Prayer: Creator God, open our eyes to see your unmistakable mark on all that you have done so that we may understand you more fully. Amen.

Suzanne Felton (Virginia, USA) 
Prayer Through The Ages
To the One who can keep us from falling, and bring us safely into his glorious presence, joyful and above reproach, to the only God our Saviour, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, power, and authority, before all ages, now and for ever. Amen.

Based on Jude 24-25 (1st century)

Our Prayers and Prayer Requests

Grant us, O Lord, the will to accomplish all that pleases you; the strength to do all that you command and the reverence to respect all that you have made. Father hear our prayers...

For Mary and Tom Kovoor who ask for prayers for the family of Siby Cherian. Tom’s cousin who passed away unexpectedly last week.

Jesus, you have known us from the beginning of time, you have known us in the depths of our dreams and in the darkness of our shame, you know us as your beloved. Help us to own that core identity more and more in this season of repentance and mercy. Give us the rock-solid assurance of your unwavering faith in us as we seek the same in you.

For those prayers too personal to share with anyone but You.

Lord God, you who breathed the spirit of life within us. Draw out of us the light and life you created.

Help us to find our way back to you.

Help us to use our lives to reflect your glory and to serve others as your son Jesus did.

We are saddened by the deaths of 500,000+ of our fellow citizens. We join everyone across our nation in mourning.

We ask for guidance for parents, children, youth and teachers adjusting to new ways of learning.

We pray for their families, friends and all those they influenced either directly or indirectly. That they may keep close the positive memories of those they have lost and carry on with their daily lives in peace..

God, you call us back to you with all of our hearts. We feel your call for us deep in our hearts and we know you want us back as much as we want to return. Give us the wisdom to know how to return. Make our journey back to you this Lent one of grace, forgiveness and gentle love.

We pray for protection for the vulnerable the elderly, the poor, those with health issues and all who at risk..

For doctors and scientists diligently working to heal the sick.

For all persons on the frontlines, especially Alayne Snyder, Dr Johnny and Riny Kovoor. and Erik Lindholm who are risking their lives to help those who are sick and dying

O Lord, our living God, we praise and bless your holy name. Arisen, commanded and commissioned we live for you. Thank you for redeeming us from a sleep that would have ended in destruction and for offering so much more than we could ever ask for or imagine in our Saviour, Jesus. Breathe your Spirit’s life, love and power into us afresh that we may worthily magnify your holy name, act justly, love boundlessly and humbly walk in step with you. Amen.
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