Thoughts on Today's Verse
Trust. It can't be half-hearted. Either it is full trust or it is clouded with suspicion. So as we face the everyday challenges of life, or as we look for answers in deep and difficult problems, let's put our full trust in the LORD. Let's ask for his wisdom and guidance as we make our choices. Let's give him praise for the good in our life and seek his blessing for the days ahead. Why? Because he longs to bless us with life, both now, and forevermore.

My Prayer...
O LORD, my Lord, I place my trust in you. Please guide my steps as I seek to bring you glory. Help me in the decisions I face. Give me discernment as I seek to influence others and to share your grace with them. Give me the right words to say so that I can have a redemptive influence on my family, with my friends, and among my co-workers. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.
God of the Ages
Be Still My Soul
From the Upper Room
One night when my younger brother and I were kids, he had a nightmare. I gave him a hug and asked him to go back to sleep. But he said the nightmare kept coming every time he closed his eyes. I suggested that he talk to God. So he sat down, prayed, and slept in peace. He didn’t even need a hug from me anymore! I am still amazed at the sincerity of a little child’s heart — the ability to simply trust God. After my brother ended his prayer, he truly believed that God had listened to him and would guard him through the night. As an adult, I have often recalled that moment when I have faced fear and uncertainty. In those times, I remind myself to trust God with all my heart and to worry less — to believe that God watches over me in every situation. I have learned to let God take over what I cannot control. When I do, God grants me peace.

Prayer: Dear God, help us to have a heart like a little child, to trust that you will show us the way through any fearful situation. We pray as Jesus taught us, “Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth. Give us day by day our daily bread. And forgive us our sins; for we also forgive every one that is indebted to us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil” (Luke 11:2-4, KJV). Amen.
Juita Kartini (Jakarta Raya, Indonesia) 
Prayer Through The Ages
In our devotion to the needs of others, O God, let us not neglect the wisdom of your counsel. In the midst of our work let us not lose sight of your great purposes. In our path of service let us not snatch the management of the world from your hands. Amen. 

Florence Nightingale (1820-1910)

Our Prayers and Prayer Requests
In love, O Lord, all your works have begun; by love you sustain them and in your love our life is everlasting. So let the beginning and ending of all our loving be to see you O God, for ever and ever as we pray...

That the Holy Spirit will move among us and through us to find new opportunities to be your faithful disciples and spread the love of Jesus Christ in the world.

For those prayers too personal to share with anyone but You.

We offer our thanks and praise that You are with us, we are not alone!

We offer to praise you for the many blessings you have given to us.

May we act with humility to not just preserve our own safety and health, but to look beyond ourselves and think of how our actions will affect others.

May we be alert to the ways we may help those around us, and give us the grace to step forward without hesitation to be men and women for and with others, for Your greater glory.
We ask for guidance for parents, children, youth and teachers adjusting to new ways of learning.

For Mary and Tom Kovoor who ask for prayers for the family of Siby Cherian. Tom’s cousin who passed away unexpectedly last week.

We are saddened by the deaths of 500,000+ of our fellow citizens. We join everyone across our nation in mourning.

We pray for their families, friends and all those they influenced either directly or indirectly. That they may keep close the positive memories of those they have lost and carry on with their daily lives in peace..

We pray for protection for the vulnerable the elderly, the poor, those with health issues and all who at risk..

For doctors and scientists diligently working to heal the sick.

For all persons on the frontlines, especially Alayne Snyder, Dr Johnny and Riny Kovoor. and Erik Lindholm who are risking their lives to help those who are sick and dying

For friends who have moved afar but are still close in our hearts: Marilyn Van Tine, Pauline and Marty Bluver and their entire family and Erna Burton.

For the Reinhardt family, Sophia Kovoor, Sean Hitch, Kathy and Mike Weinlein and all of our friends who call Valhalla home but are scattered to other states and around the world at the present time.

For your blessing on our church and all churches, pastors, staff, and congregations as we offer your Love and Grace to all and to receive the financial support to do so.

God of grace and love, the future seems uncertain and dangerous, so we become distrustful and obdurate. We are willing to believe only those who agree with us, and are fearful of difference. We become angry and defensive, hurting others before they can hurt us, regardless of the consequences. In responding to the gospel of your love for us in Christ, help us to remember that, although you were announced by angels, you came to us vulnerable as a new-born child. May all that we offer in your name be filled with compassion and kindness. Amen.
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