July 19, 2019
To the Elected Delegates and Clergy
of the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan,

In accordance with the Canons of the Diocese of Eastern Michigan (Title 1, Canon 3, Sec. 2b), you are hereby notified of the 25th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan. 

This year's convention will be held in Bay City on  October 18-19, 2019 .

For information, please read below and visit the convention page of our diocesan website,  www.eastmich.org/convention .

This notice is being emailed to all clergy, senior wardens, and currently listed convention delegates and alternates with provided emails as well as those on our subscriber list. If there are delegates from your congregation without regular access to email or the internet, please print and share this information with them.

If there have been delegate changes, please submit updated information to me at  akrueger@eastmich.org. Vistors are welcome to register and attend any part of the convention.

Angela Krueger
Administrative Assistant to the Bishop
Secretary of Convention
The Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan
akrueger@eastmich.org | 877-752-6020
[ ] August 19
Deadline to submit nominations for diocesan leadership positions.
[ ] August 19
Deadline to submit resolutions to the Convention Secretary.
[ ]August 20
Pre-convention meeting at St. Matthew's, Saginaw from 7-8:30pm.
[ ] August 22
Pre-convention meeting at St. Bartholomew's, Mio from 7-8:30pm.
[ ] August 27
Pre-convention meeting at St. John's, Dryden from 7-8:30pm. This meeting will be live-streamed via Facebook.
[ ] September 23
Deadline to make any necessary reservations at the hotel.
[ ] September 30
Deadline to register a booth for the exhibit hall.
[ ] September 30
Deadline to register for optional Dismantling Racism training.
[ ] September 30
Deadline to register and submit all payments.
Convention Theme
In addition to celebrating our 25th Anniversary, our convention will focus on the Way of Love, a new initiative that we have been invited into by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry. The Way of Love is more than a program or curriculum, it is an intentional commitment to a set of practices - a commitment to Jesus to Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, and Rest.

We are pleased to welcome one of the initiative's creators, Jerusalem Greer, to be our keynote speaker and workshop presenter as we dive deeper into The Way of Love.
Our Keynoter
Jerusalem Greer is the Staff Officer for Evangelism for the Episcopal Church, a member of the Presiding Bishop's staff.

In her position, she coordinates church-wide efforts to inspire, gather, equip, send, and celebrate Episcopalians for the ministry of evangelism and discipleship, especially through initiatives like the Way of Love, Episcopal Revivals, Evangelism 101 trainings, resource development, and more.

Jersualem, who lives with her husband and children on a hobby farm in Arkansas, has also authored two books, At Home in this Life: Finding Peace at the Crossroads of Unraveled Dreams and Beautiful Surprises and A Homemade Year: The Blessings of Cooking, Crafting, and Coming Together.
Workshops at Convention
We will offer four workshops during the convention for folks to dig deeper into the Way of Love. Each workshop will be offered twice.

Episcopal Evangelism through the Way of Love - Jerusalem Greer
This workshop  is a not-so-basic training designed to introduce a fresh, humble, effective and Episcopal approach to the spiritual practice of evangelism as experienced through the Way of Love. During the workshop, participant's will be given the resources needed for understanding the Jesus Movement, the genesis of the Way of Love practices, and the process of starting Way of Love Small Groups in their evangelism efforts. 

Dinner Church 101 - The Rev. Ken Hitch
Dinner Church is a casual, quiet, reflective service that joins the mysticism of Holy Communion with the fellowship of a dinner party. Join us to learn more about how you can create a Dinner Church service reflective of your own context and supportive of your own community.

Sharing Faith Stories for Evangelism - Canon Katie Forsyth
To prepare for the work of Episcopal evangelism, participants will consider the elements of their faith stories and practice sharing their stories with one another. We'll walk out the door ready to share with the world our experience of God in our lives and our call to share that love with others.

Prayer Practice for All Generations - McKenzie Bade
Take your prayer practice into your own hands. Participants will take part in hands-on prayer through several experiential prayer stations. McKenzie, the workshop facilitator, will provide resources and information for participants to duplicate these multi-generational practices in their local community.
25th Anniversary Storytelling Project
This convention marks 25 years of ministry as the community of the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan!

Join us as we curate stories from across the our community, to learn more about one another and our work in the world. We will compile the information about each church and make available a document at the convention for the members of our diocese, for our own history archives, and for our next phase of bishop leadership.

An invitation to join this project has already been sent to all clergy, senior wardens, and parish leadership. For more information and to jump in, click here to access the Anniversary Storytelling Project page of our website.

Contact Project Coordinators, Canon Katie Forsyth and the Rev. Chuck Curtis, for more information or with any questions.
Location & Accommodation
The convention will be held at the DoubleTree Hotel located at One Wenonah Park Place, Bay City, MI 48708.

If you require a hotel room, reservations can be made by calling 800-222-TREE and booking under "Diocese of Eastern Michigan". Reservations under our conference block must be made before September 23rd to get the group discounted rate.

Our discounted rate is $105/night plus taxes.
Communications and Notices
To be faithful stewards of creation by conserving resources - both natural and financial - all communications about convention will be delivered two ways: by email (like this one!) and on the convention page of our diocesan website, www.eastmich.org/convention.

Posting on Facebook? Tweeting? Checking-in? Use #eastmich19.
Convention Schedule
*All times are tentative and subject to change as planning continues.
Pre-Convention Meetings
Join us for one of three optional pre-convention meetings to prepare for the business session of convention. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss the proposed diocesan budget and any resolutions scheduled to appear on the floor.

The three pre-convention meetings will take place:

  • Tuesday, August 20th at St. Matthew's, Saginaw from 7-8:30pm
  • Thursday, August 22nd at St. Bartholomew's, Mio from 7-8:30pm
  • Tuesday, August 27th at St. John's, Dryden from 7-8:30pm

Can't make any in person? We'll livestream the Dryden gathering on our Facebook page. Online participants will be able to ask questions and comment in real time. A recording of the meeting will be archived for others to access at their convenience.
Newcomer Orientation
If you are new to the diocese, new to being a delegate, or just want a refresher, you are invited to join the Rev. Canon Michael Spencer at 10am on Friday for a brief newcomer orientation. We will touch on all of the basics of being a voting member of convention, including Roberts Rules of Order and how to discuss resolutions on the floor.
(Optional) Dismantling Racism Training
We will offer an opportunity for dismantling racism training on Friday, October 18th to run concurrently with the workshop sessions of the convention. This training will meet the requirement for those holding or seeking leadership positions in their congregation or at the diocesan or church-wide level.

The workshop will begin at 10am and end at 5pm. It will take place near the hotel (about a five-minute drive) at Trinity, Bay City

The cost to attend is $10, which helps to cover materials and lunch.

Nominations & Elections
The following positions will be elected at diocesan convention:

Diocesan Council (1 Lay, 1 Clergy)
The council serves as the governing authority of the diocese and administers the secular affairs including the budget, managing resources, creation of task forces, and more. There are six members serving three year terms.

Standing Committee (1 Lay, 1 Clergy)
The Standing Committee serves as the council of advice to the bishop and assumes the ecclesiastical authority of the diocese when there is a bishop vacancy in addition to duties. The six members also serve on Diocesan Council and serve three year terms.

Trustee (2 persons)
The Trustees have oversight and make investment decisions concerning funds belonging to the diocese and some individual congregations. The eight members serve four years.

General Convention Deputy (4 Lay, 4 Clergy)
Deputies represent the diocese at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, which meets every three years. The 80th General Convention will take place in July 2021 in Baltimore, MD. The convention will also elect alternates, beyond the eight deputy positions.

Each candidate must be nominated (by themselves or others) to appear on the ballot. The deadline for nominations is August 19th.

The nominated candidates will be emailed to delegates and clergy and posted on the diocesan website by the canonical deadline of September 18th.

Resolution submissions must be received by the canonical deadline of August 19th.

Resolutions may come to the floor of convention in three ways:
  • Originating in the Diocesan Council
  • Originating in the Standing Committee
  • By petition from at least four lay and four clergy delegates

Our Resolutions Committee has put together a great resources on drafting and submitting resolutions. Click here to download.

The proposed resolutions will be reviewed by the committee, and emailed to delegates and clergy and posted on the diocesan website by the canonical deadline of September 18th.

Exhibitors & Booths
Our exhibition hall is a great place to learn more about the ministries and programs taking place inside and outside of the Diocese of Eastern Michigan. If you would like space to feature your ministry, please register your booth no later than September 30th. Space is limited and may run out before the deadline.

There is no cost to host a booth at convention. We hope to see exhibits that are visually appealing, staffed, and interactive.

Worship & Eucharist
The Celebration Eucharist of the 25th Convention will be held at the DoubleTree on Saturday morning at 9:00am, the Rt. Rev. Whayne Hougland, preaching and the Rt. Rev. Cate Waynick, presiding.

The service is open to all and does not require registration.
There are three types of convention registration - delegations, unassigned clergy, and visitors.

DELEGATIONS - One person from the congregation (usually a parish secretary, senior warden, or clergy person) must register the entire delegation, including any affiliated clergy and all elected delegates. There is one form per delegation and one registration payment.

UNASSIGNED CLERGY and VISITORS may register individually, regardless of congregational affiliation.

Registration and payments must be submitted by September 30th. Payments are accepted online by credit card or by mailed check.