Strategic Planning: After the Winter Stated Meeting, the Coordinating Council devoted significant time to strategic planning that would further the work approved at that meeting. On July 28, the Coordinating Council shared the results of that work in the areas of staffing and realignment and reconnection of volunteer committees and teams. In connection with the report, there was a first reading of amendments to our Manual of Operations. Those amendments were approved on August 25 as reflected immediately below. Here is a chart showing our current staffing and structure.
Staffing Design: The presbytery approved the recommendation to create the position of Mission and Ministry Coordinator. The individual holding this position will serve with the Coordinating Council to promote the presbytery’s mission and shared values. He or she will supervise staff, connect the presbytery with other councils of the church, and work with commissions, committees and teams to accomplish our strategic goals to: 

  • Create a culture of unity and diversity where everyone is of one heart and soul and working together for the common good to the glory of God;
  • Thrive and grow in faithfulness to Jesus Christ, showing God’s love to all generations;
  • Create a strong missional focus; and
  • Shepherd our gifts for God’s glory.

When this new position is filled, the Relationship Coordination Director position will end.
The presbytery also approved some changes to the part-time Stated Clerk position while retaining the core duties. Some of the duties in the current role will be placed into the Mission and Ministry Coordinator’s position and others will be done with the assistance of the Office Manager.
Committees and Teams: The presbytery approved combining two of our committees, phasing out one of our teams, and moving some teams so that they connected with different committees. The changes will help us better focus on mission and ministry (including emerging ministries) and be more efficient in tending to work that supports all of our strategic goals.