Tuesday, July 28, at 6:00 pm
Via Zoom

Edd Norris, Moderator´╗┐
There will be a called meeting of the presbytery on Tuesday, July 28, at 6:00 pm, via Zoom. Teaching elders and commissioners will participate through the Zoom platform, which will allow all participants to simultaneously hear one another during the meeting.
The purpose of the meeting will be for worship and for timely business that should be considered before the Fall Stated Meeting to be held on October 6. The agenda (which will be included in a final amendment of this call) will include approval of a revised Presbytery 2020 Operating Budget as well as other timely items.
Registration: All Teaching Elders and Commissioners will be required to complete an online registration process. Click here to register.
Excuse Requests: Teaching Elders, Ruling Elder Commissioners, Certified Christian Educators, and other Ruling Elders required by their office to attend (e.g. commission chairs, moderator, Coordinating Council members) must submit a request to be excused to the Stated Clerk by email to or by phone at (904) 612-9766 (cell), or by mail.
Additional Commissioners*: Churches sending additional ruling elder commissioners for one year beginning in May 2020 (number in parentheses is total):
White Springs (2)
Williston (2)
Woodlawn (2)
Alachua (2)
Arlington (2)
Bethlehem (2)
*Churches send additional commissioners to ensure that we have "parity" between teaching elder and ruling elder commissioners. The list changes each year at the Spring Stated Meeting.
The mission of the Presbytery of St. Augustine is to support our faith community so that together we may witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ.