Centered on Christ…Called to Be Saints…Inspired by St. Joseph
February 2021
2021 Catholic Men's Conference...
Dear Brothers,

A few men, when asked if they have registered for the 2021 Catholic Men’s Conference, have replied “What’s the rush?... the Conference isn’t until February 27, 2021”. And while this seems to be a typical practice of us guys putting things off until the last minute, this year is different. Here’s a little insight into the work of the Conference Planning Team’s preparation for the 2021 Conference and why we encourage men to PLEASE REGISTER NOW.

I’ve been involved in planning activities for the last six annual conferences. For previous conferences, we had the luxury of waiting until several days before the Conference to confirm the number of programs that need to be printed, the number of chairs that needed to be set up, the number of tables for vendors and eating areas, etc. This year is different…PLEASE REGISTER NOW.

The Conference Planning Team is doing extraordinary work in preparing for the 2021 Catholic Men’s Conference. We’ve pivoted to a format that is a pre-recorded Conference Video which will be available for viewing on February 27, 2021 and beyond. We continually remind ourselves that we need to be flexible to anticipate and adapt to issues that we can’t control. One of these biggest issues is the matter of how many men will be allowed to gather together due to the social distancing restrictions that will be in place in late February. We know that we cannot gather 3,000 men in one place this year. Therefore, we are relying on various parishes and other Conference Viewing Sites to host smaller groups of men (if permitted) for viewing the Conference Video. And in order to ship the Conference Programs and Devin Schadt’s book The Path, to these locations in advance of the Conference, we need to encourage all men to PLEASE REGISTER NOW. This year is different!
I will miss seeing all of your faces. I will miss seeing thousands of men queued up for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I will miss the intense quietness we experienced during last year’s Eucharistic Procession (even when the fire alarm sounded due to the incense, the men continued their powerful, prayerful focus on the Eucharist). I will know that even though we will not be gathered in one place, we will be gathered in one spirit…and that is not different.

St. Joseph. pray for us!
Peter Krajnak
Catholic Men's Conference Director
Through our website as well as our LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook pages, you will begin to see several offerings. These include:
Our Live Virtual RosaryForty-five men joined together on February 3rd at 6:30 a.m. to pray the Rosary via Zoom. This powerful initiative continues to grow, THANK YOU. Please invite other men to join us!

This month, we are offering a SPECIAL VIRTUAL ROSARY the morning of the Men's Conference
(February 27) at 8:00 am.
Our next Monthly Men’s Rosary will be Wednesday, March 3rd at 6:30 a.m.!

Zoom links to both events can be found on the website:
CMM Launches Billboard Campaign
Effective the first of the year, Catholic men’s ministry has billboard space! The initial message shown at right was suggested by our spiritual director, Father Jonathan Wilson, pastor of Saint Paul the Apostle Church.

Commenting on this new ministry, Father Wilson shared, “In this time of societal unrest, this billboard ministry can share messages of hope and encouragement as well as direct people's thoughts to focus on the God of peace who has come into history in the person of Jesus Christ."
The first message of our Billboard Initiative can be seen near the intersection of Dublin Road and W. 5th Ave. (Southbound)
We will continue to help you establish or join men’s faith sharing groups at your parish or wherever you want to meet with other Catholic men. Studies confirm that when Catholic men gather together for regular fellowship, prayer and study, our faith in Christ and His Church grows and we advance on the path to sainthood.
Remembering a Brother: JIM MAHOLM
Catholic Men’s Ministry mourns the passing of Jim Maholm on January 5, 2021. Saint Patrick parishioner, husband to Tiffany, and father of five, Jim was an active volunteer for the Ministry and spearheaded outreach in recent years.Commenting on Jim’s passing, board president Matt Palmer stated, “We celebrate the life of Jim Maholm and pray for the repose of his soul and for his family. Jim had a passion for sharing Christ with other men, and our ministries reach across the diocese is in large part due to his tireless efforts."

Please join us in praying for Jim. May his life inspire our continued efforts to help men center their life in Christ, become saints, and live a life in the example of Saint Joseph. For Jim’s obituary go to
  • Matt Palmer, President -
  • Chuck Wilson, Immediate Past President
  • Dr. Jamie Caridi
  • David Martin, Esq.
  • Jon Yerian, CPA
  • Father Jonathan Wilson, Spiritual Director