Fall Fest Cake Walk...Calling All Cakes!
Ok Comets! We need 50 - yes 50! specialty baked good items for THIS weekend's Fall Fest for the highly-anticipated CAKE WALK! The kids (and adults) LOVE the Cake Walk and so we try to keep them running on the playground til the sun goes down!

Please donate one large baked good item.  
It's your choice to bake it or buy it, but this is our Fall Fest Cake Walk and it should be something  special  and labeled as to what it is. Bring it in its original container if you are buying it or get a cute plate or tray from the Dollar Store and wrap it with plastic wrap to make it look nice. 

If you are baking ( which is always a special treat! )  
please provide a copy of the recipe or ingredients list and attach it to the bottom of the plate or box so people know what it is and what is in it. I will have a sign that says "Allergy Alert - please check labels. All homemade items come from kitchens containing allergens."

We are planning to run 50 cake walks, so we need 50 baked items, like:

  • Whole cakes or pies
  • Doz+ large cookies or 2 Doz+ small cookies
  • Doz+ large brownies or bar cookies or  2 Doz+ small brownies or bar cookies
  • Doz. regular cupcakes or 6 large cupcakes
  • Doz.+ cake pops
-  Any other generous baked good that contestants would want to win!

Please drop off the item to the cafeteria on Friday Oct. 26 OR bring it with you to Fall Fest on Saturday by 5pm.

Don't forget - you'll get 1/2 hour of PTO time for EACH CAKE WALK DONATION - but they need to be a specialty baked good (not Oreos or Sara Lee's)!