"Real Talks: Sex and Sexuality"

10th-12th Grade Faith-based Sex Ed

Thursday, March 30th 4:30-8:30PM

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

“Wonderfully Made” is our 5th grade introductory workshop for Midyouth to begin vital and important conversations about puberty, sexuality, and comprehensive reproductive knowledge and sexual safety course between students and their grown ups. We intentionally have this conversation early, to help foster clear, compassionate, and accurate conversations about sex and adolescence before they are confronted with misinformation. Our new “Real Talks: Sex and Sexuality” series seeks to continue this vital conversation, but with the development of 10th grade brain and context in mind. This year only, we are opening this vital conversation for 11th and 12th graders as well.  


“Real Talks: Sex and Sexuality” is a 4 hour workshop (with dinner included!) that seeks to offer fully comprehensive, fully affirming sex education for 10th-12th graders. Rather than a concentration on puberty, and the biology of reproduction—as is the focus of the 5th grade “Wonderfully Made” course—Real Talks focuses on topics which encourage students begin thinking about sex and sexuality in healthy, positive, and responsible ways as they enter early adulthood. Topics include: sexual ethics, consent, safe sex practices, and the importance of communication, intimacy, and emotional safety with a romantic partner. We’ll be exploring the ways our faith and our beliefs about bodies and relationships impact our values surrounding sex. We’ll cover topics of dating violence, body shaming and positivity, sexual cyber content, and much more!  

When looking for curriculum, I realized quickly there was no curriculum that did the work and facilitated the conversations I wanted our youth to engage in. Starting in Summer of 2021, I began the first of over twenty-four interviews with people of diverse life experience. I interviewed those in the medical and birthing fields, educators, sex educators, men, women, Arkansans, LGBTQIA persons, straight people, married and unmarried people, and neurodiverse folks. I asked them all two crucial questions that guided my authorship of this workshop: “What in your experience as a medical professional have you noticed is crucial information people do not have about sex or sexual safety” or, “What, if you knew it earlier, would have kept you healthier or safer as you entered into romantic or sexual relationships?” Our parent meeting on March 27th will address the specific content and themes that came out of those conversations. 

The biology of this course will be taught by Dr. Amy C. Hewitt, the theological and faith content will be taught by myself and adult volunteers who are invested in having these conversations and being ongoing safe people for your child.  

Much like “Wonderfully Made”, the point of this course is not to outsource “the talk” to the church. Rather, “Real Talks” encourages you to have just that: Real talks with your child about their safety and well-being, as well as your household values and expectations. We’ll get the conversation started, and we’ll provide you with the home resources to keep the conversation going. I hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity, and register your child using the button below.  

Yours in Christ,  

Ellen G. Rowland, Minister to Youth and their Families 

Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church 

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