Cubs -  Cardinals
at Wrigley.
Who needs 2?

The Cubs end this season with 6 road games against the Pirates and Cardinals.  They do not want to have their playoff chances hinging on any of those games, especially with their current NL worst 21-33 road mark.

The Cubs recently fortified their postseason hopes with the additions of Craig Kimbrel and Nick Castellanos.

The northsiders are hopeful of clinching the NL East title no later than their final homestand of the year against their biggest rivals from St. Louis.

That is certain to be a hot ticket and we have three sets of them that will be auctioned off at our September 12 Golf Outing.
  If you're a Cubs fan, you'll want to block your calendar for the September 20 weekend.
These games are a sellout so if you're a die hard Cub fan who would like nothing better than to qualify for the post-season by beating the Cardinals, you either have to pay a ticket broker or help support Saints Peter and Paul School.

Here are the games:

   Friday, September 20   Section 209, Row 2, Seats 7 & 8  
                       Face: $91.84 each
   Sunday, September 22  Section 207, Row 1, Seats 5 & 6
                       Face: $82.88 each
   Sunday, September 22  Section 209, Row 2, Seats 7 & 8
                        Face: $110.88 each

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    Volume 7, No. 3
   August 6, 2019


Our 31st annual Golf Outing will take place on Thursday, 
September 12, at the Cress Creek
Country Club.

All monies raised are used to provide financial aid for struggling families.


When our school was founded in 1853... 

....people who broke the law didn't have to worry about passing a lie detector test because it wasn't until 1902 when James MacKenzie first invented the polygraph.

This instrument measures and records several physiological indices such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and skin conductivity while the subject is asked and answers a series of questions.