November 12, 2021
Makala/Mbembi home builders
St Patrick Church of Merna is a lead financial sponsor this year on the Makala/Mbembi family's house on West Locust, Blm.

In addition, 10-12 of their parishioners volunteer every week at the build site.

In late October, we found Mike McFadin of St Pat's (right) working alongside two ISU student volunteers. Henry Kirchner (left) and Jeremy Falat (middle) are taking a Communication class focused on service learning. It was their first time volunteering and they loved it!

Thank you to all our volunteers - wherever you've come from to share your heart and your hands with one of our partner families. Volunteer with us!

Volunteer Spotlight
Did you know the ReStore has a wide selection of hardback and paperback books for only a quarter??

Thanks to Karen Sutter, our wonderful ReStore “Librarian”, those books are also organized and categorized for easy shopping.

Find the ReStore at 1402 W Washington, Blm.
Chairs 4 Change
"Drawn To Life" by Tess Brown
Calling all artists! It's time to start thinking about how you will paint, embellish, or decorate a chair for our annual Chairs 4 Change auction to benefit both Habitat McLean County and Recycling Furniture for Families.

Put Friday, June 17, 2022 on your calendars now - that's the date of the auction.
Then, request a free chair from either the ReStore (1402 W Washington, Blm) or Recycling Furniture for Families (515 N Center St, Blm). Paint it, cover it in tile, add fabric - whatever strikes your fancy.

Already have a chair of your own? Download the artist submission form here. Finished works will go to Recycling Furniture for Families. Please call to arrange a time for drop-off: 309-829-6500