You're Invited to showcase your amazing culinary delights at an event attended by hundreds of visitors and locals!

Taste The Valley  will be taking place at Kinsmen Beach on Friday, January 17 th  from 6 pm to 8 pm and will coincide with the 37th annual Bonspiel and the 11th annual Snowflake Festival. There will be live music, bonfires, activities, fireworks and more! 

You are invited to provide sample servings of an item from your menu and a coupon offer for the  Taste The Valley Passport/Coupon books .

These books will be available for attendees for $10 and will give them access to sample food from all the vendors at the event as well as a coupon to use at your venue throughout the upcoming year. We anticipate 250 to 300 books sold at the event. We will also print extra coupon books for other events throughout 2020 which will promote your business and encourage visitors to experience your venue during their stay in the valley.

Note: Space is limited so the first 9 vendors to register with have a guaranteed spot. Registration closes Dec 20.

We would be thrilled to have you on board!