AAUW Vero Beach
October 20th Branch Meeting

It’s not yet too late to make reservations for Vero Beach’s Branch Meeting at the Theatre Guild on October 20, 2018 at 11:30 am for an informative talk and tour with our own Dr. Carole Strauss . The cost is $25 , which includes lunch and fellowship at 12:30 pm at nearby CJ Cannons (at the VB airport). Make your essential reservations early to reserve your space! For more details, to register and select your food, visit our website by clicking link below:

In the meantime, enjoy a little diversion. Do you know these things about the Vero Beach Theatre Guild? Take this quick quiz and check your answers.
1. The Vero Beach Theatre Guild was formed ________ years ago.
A.     25
B.     50
C.    60
2. When the Theatre Guild was formed, _______________ became substitute back stage space for building sets and storing props and costumes.
A.  People’s garages
B.   Local churches
C.   Community rooms
3. The Theatre Guild found a new home on San Juan Avenue in 1985 after 16,000 volunteer hours turned a former ___________ into a theatre.
A.  Church
B.   Restaurant
C.   House

Be sure the fun continues-- REGISTER NOW for our October Branch Meeting!
AAUW Vero Beach is a non-partisan organization and does not necessarily endorse the views of event speakers.
  answers to above quiz: C; A; A