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Thank you for responding to our emergency appeal. You have given more than $17,000 toward our $250,000 goal.

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In this issue we share about our program Calming Strategies: Tele-Health. Sessions are designed to provide an oasis in the storm for participants who seek relief from stress and enhancement of their healing process.

“The practice of guided relaxation leads…us into a direct experience of this part of ourselves that is unchanging. Peace is the deep undercurrent of our lives that is always there, holding us in its steady embrace.” Molly Birkholm, Yoga Nidra teacher trainer.

Your emergency gift today will provide an incredible gift to people with cancer: time with skilled providers safely from home. Comfort and peace.

Today I honor Vice Presidential Candidate Charlotta Bass, Senator and Presidential Candidate Shirley Chisholm, Secretary of State and Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton, Senator and Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren, and Senator and Vice Presidential Nominee Kamala Harris.

As I close, I encourage you today to register to vote, request an absentee or mail-in ballot, and then vote. Massachusetts' Primary is September 1, 2020 and key decisions will be made on that day.

Please remember Ms. Sojourner Truth who did not have that right and yet fought for voting rights for all.

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Mahalo! Efharisto! Danke sehr! ありがとう! Grazie!



The Reverend Beverly L. Herbert, MDiv., CFRE
Executive Director
Calming Strategies: Just What's Needed Right Now
Cancer Connection's Meditation Garden
Many of you know intimately what it’s like to experience cancer treatment. Living with the after-effects. Dealing with the unpredictability, disruption, unknowns, and isolation, especially during Covid-19. Naturally, we sometimes respond with fear, anxiety, and anger.

Unfortunately, those responses can lead to a downward spiral of increased mental and physical tension. We may have a hard time thinking clearly. 

People come to Cancer Connection asking, how do we recover a sense of equilibrium to deal with stressful situations, both in the cancer process, and in life?

Usually we can find relaxation and tips on stress reduction by taking advantage of those free Reiki, massage and reflexology sessions Cancer Connection offers!

But with those put on hold due to Covid-19, we did the pandemic pivot. Now our skilled integrative therapists Peggy Schjeldahl, Bernadette Nicholson, and Nancy Carter-Price offer expertly-guided deep relaxation by phone. 

Over the course of 30 minutes they help people engage the natural capacities of their body, mind, and spirit to offset stress, improve daily functioning, and create resilience to deal with cancer’s challenges and other difficulties.
Peggy Schjeldahl, Integrative Therapist
Imagine yourself on the phone with Peggy, Bernadette, or Nancy. You’re lying down comfortably in a private spot. They’ll check in with you, take care of any scheduling (you can have more than one session), and even say good bye now, so you can continue resting after the call. They ask about you:

How are you feeling? How are you coping? How can we support your self-care?

Now they’ll have you bring awareness to slowing and deepening the breath; sequentially noticing parts of your body; noticing simple body sensations; compassionately witnessing feelings and emotions as you relax. As physical and mental awareness deepens, you find a sense of peace.

Steady practice of these techniques, preferably for 30 minutes per day, or even for 15 to 20, boosts our healing processes tremendously. For a quick relaxation experience, try removing yourself from everyday thought and choose a word, sound, phrase, prayer, or focus on your breathing.

Participants in the program have reported that sessions have:

  • allowed them to relax and that the relaxation lasts through the day,
  • reduced anxiety attack occurrences, and
  • taught them to be more comfortable with meditation.

“Peggy talked me into a very relaxed state that eased tensions caused by both cancer and coronavirus status. I was skeptical as to whether she would be effective over the phone, especially when I know how super the reflexology makes me feel! But believe me, she made me feel great in these times when one may feel helpless and hopeless!”
– Beth H.

To access Calming Strategies sessions or any of our programs or services, call the center at 413-586-1642 and leave a phone message and available times. A Befriender will call you back.

And to make sure everyone who is suffering from the extreme stress of cancer can benefit from our free supports, please send in your special gift today. You can secure our future now.
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